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Last month was International Women’s Month - and although we like to support women all-year round, we also love the opportunity to use this time of year to highlight them.

We’re sharing our five favorite female owned brands from the CDS shop, and our favorite picks from each.

Atelier Saucier

Co-founded by Nikki Reed and Staci Inskeptor, veterans of the food and fashion industries, respectively, Atelier Saucier blends style and sustainability to craft beautiful table linens. One of our favorite products from their line are the stunning Santa Fe napkins, which evoke a Southwestern sunset no matter where you’re setting your table.

If you’re enjoying a cocktail, grab the 4-piece cocktail napkin set from the same Santa Fe range.

Carola Fra i Trulli

We’ve discussed Carola Altamura before–and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. That’s because her small-batch candles double as art pieces, and they transport us straight to the Italian countryside. These don’t stay in stock, so be sure to grab one while they still are–it’ll waft the scent of smoky Italian oak through your entire home: instant sophistication.

Casa Picosa

We can’t help but include our line of fantastic hot sauces, Casa Picosa, on this list–and we’re doing you a favor, because every single one of them will uplevel whatever you’re cooking in its own way. Our pineapple forward Piña Chil’ada brings all the tropical flavors; Sweet Hally P brings the jalapeno kick; Has Me Sweatin’ offers up all the spice a thrill seeker could need; and the West Indian peppers in So Pepper are just the kick your meals have been missing. Buy whichever one sounds best to you, or test all four, available in a set.

Ferm Living

Founded in Copenhagen by Trine Andersen, we love the way Ferm Living takes Scandi style and translates it into table-perfect pieces you can (and will want to) use every single day.

We’re proud to carry all of their chicest wares, from the everyday picks to the statement pieces. Want to set a table using Ferm Products? We’d pick the Oli water glass, a yellow speckled salad plate, the Host red wine glasses, and a small flow bowl.

The Floral Society

We’ve been fans of The Floral Society ever since Sierra Steifman founded it. We can hardly set a table or talk about candles without mentioning their ribbed pillars or tapers, but we also find ourselves using their floral clippers every single day (Andy even shared them as an Editor’s Pick back in the fall). Grab yourself a pair–we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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