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Summer is here and we’re ready to jump headfirst into what Andy, Anna, and Coco are loving for this season. Read on for their favorite finds as of late!

What I love in the shop

Andy: I’ve been enjoying dinners al fresco! Our new Sabri Sabri linens take things to the next level; they have really inspired and elevated my tablescapes.

Anna: Axlings towels are a forever favorite, but we’ve added some new styles and I love switching up my towel shacks for summer. Switching into beige and red colorways and they’re making me so happy!

Coco: Anastasio Home is new to casa de suna and I’m loving their products. Obsessed with the beautiful marble trays!

The best movie I’ve watched recently

Andy: Who doesn’t love a good laugh? I’ve been diving into the old Pink Panther movies lately. They’re oldies, but goodies!

Anna: I’m also rewatching movies right now! Most recently: Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant – a movie that will never get old!

Coco: I guess great minds think alike, Anna, because my movie is also a 90s Julia Roberts romcom: My Best Friend’s Wedding! It’s one of my all-time favorites!

Product I’m loving

Andy: Though I get regular gel manicures, I know it’s good to give my nails a break from time to time. I’ve found an amazing nail polish that actually does last for 10 days, and the colors are amazing. It’s called Static Nails–there’s nothing I dislike about this brand!

Anna: If you’re gearing up for an event-filled summer, I highly recommend trying the 111Skin Cryo De-puffing Eye Masks. It’s my favorite eye mask of all time and one of few I’ve tried that actually makes a noticeable difference. I like to keep mine in the fridge for an extra boost!

Coco: Everyone needs a good cleanser! I’m planning to get my hands on The Active Renewal Cleanser from Vintner’s Daughter.

Book I’m loving

Andy: My sister-in-law Christine Samuel has always been wonderfully intentional. She’s just published an amazing book called The Heart Space. I highly recommend you look into it–it’s a great, great read, so thoughtful and endearing.

Anna: I’m currently reading Sorrow and Bliss! I love the way that it’s written. If you’re a fan of Sally Rooney’s writing, you’ll enjoy this one!

Coco: I’ve heard such good things about Good Material by Dolly Alderton. I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s all about!

My favorite recipe at the moment

Andy: I’m loving our recipe for roasted sweet potatoes and garlicky yogurt. It’s simply divine!

Anna: Now that the sun is out, I’m craving our Mandarin Spicy Margarita. It’s such a crowd pleaser if you’re entertaining!

Coco: I love eating things that feel crisp and light in the spring and summer months: this fresh green salad is a constant go-to.


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