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About Us

Meet the family

Casa de Suna is a holistic lifestyle brand driven by a multi-generational love of ‘living well’. Drawing on family heritage and traditions, at the heart of Casa de Suna is the intention to create lasting memories and purpose through everyday moments. From recipes to home décor, Casa de Suna provides the foundation for brewing a sense of simplicity and warmth in the home and around the table.

Casa de Suna is both a place of discovery and inspiration. The Shop, a homewares marketplace, houses functional and timeless wares including a curation of global artisans and the Casa de Suna collection. The Journal is a trove of family recipes, entertaining advice, and wellness rituals passed down by generations and adapted for the contemporary host.

Meaning “The House of Daughters,” Casa de Suna is founded by a mother and her two daughters. Guided by international roots and a lineage of entertainers, forever immortalized in a beloved family recipe box, Andy, Coco, and Anna each bring their unique perspectives to the table from culinary exploration, the arts, and holistic wellness.

With Love,

Anna Porte Casa de Suna Co-Founder


The youngest in the family, Anna grew up watching her mother turn houses into homes and throw fabulous dinner parties. Now, she does the same. With a twist. As a health and wellness aficionado, Anna takes family recipes and finds healthier alternatives to key ingredients. Shes admittedly obsessed with organization, finding stylish decor solutions (sans clutter). Anna loves to entertain and is on a mission to bring back the dinner party.

Coco Porte Casa de Suna Co-Founder


Coco is the creative one. She loves art and decor and celebrates when spaces embody the people that dwell within it. In the kitchen, she doesnt always follow a recipe. Coco throws together ingredients with intention. It may look effortless, but its the result of watching her mother cook dinners over the course of decades. There are always fresh flowers in her house artfully arranged by Coco herself.

Modern and minimalist home decor by casa de suna
Casa de Suna Home

We want to inspire you to celebrate the joy that comes with cultivating your home.

Andy Wells Casa de Suna Co-Founder


Mother to Anna and Coco, Andrea is the inspiration behind Casa de Suna. And, shes equally involved in sharing her secrets. Whether its bottling her own sauces, cultivating honey from the family farm in Vermont, or growing her own herbs, Andrea believes in the importance of slowing down and creating from scratch. At least once. As the matriarch of the family, shes happiest when her children and friends come to visit.

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