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Leave this one to me: I am fortunate enough to have learned from the women before me. My mother loved to entertain and I have always hoped to inspire my daughters to do the same (with their own unique spin, of course). I do believe rules are meant to be broken… just not when it comes to setting the table. There’s a certain etiquette that is meant to be honored—and it makes for a lovely tablescape.

Let’s start with the basics.

Here’s how to set your everyday entertaining table. This is perfect for family dinners, date nights, and small impromptu dinner parties. You should have all of the essentials in your cupboard without having to make that quick Home Goods run.

  • Napkin placed to the left of the plate
  • Fork will go on top of the napkin
  • If you’re serving a salad, you can place the salad fork to the left of the dinner fork
  • Knife belongs on to the right of the plate with the blade pointing in
  • Water glass is slightly above the plate (at about 1pm if you’re thinking of it like a clock)
  • Wine glass can be placed to the right of the water glass
  • Salad plate belongs on top of the dinner plate

Now, let’s add to it.

If you’re hosting a holiday or more formal dinner party, there are a few finishing touches that can make your table feel fabulous. And, these additions support those extra courses—like dessert! Place cards are also a lovely touch. Just remember, if you are using place cards, use them for your guests, but not for yourself.

  • Bread plate can be placed above the plate to the left
  • Bread knife can be placed horizontally on the bread plate
  • Soup spoons can be placed to the right of the dinner knife
  • Dessert fork can be placed above the plate with the prongs facing right
  • Dessert spoon can be placed above the dessert fork, facing left

There we have it! Table settings for every type of occasion. Now, head over to review our favorite recipes for easy entertaining.


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