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Morning routines can set the tone for the day, and here at CDS, you’ll see that we take them very seriously.

Read on for how Andy, Anna, and Coco each start their day.

Question 01

What time do you get up each morning?

Andy: 7:00 am

Anna: 6:45-7:30 am

Coco: 9:00 am

Question 02

What’s the first thing you do when you get up?

Andy: Our bedroom [in Barbados] has a beautiful, big door that looks out onto the pool and all of the gorgeous nature that surrounds it. I always start my day with a morning meditation of gratitude, inspired by that nature.

Anna: Ever since I got an Oura ring, I’ve been a bit obsessed with sleep! So, the first thing I do is check my readiness and sleep stats. Then, I’ll brush my teeth, scrape my tongue, and drink a big glass of water with lemon.

Coco: Check my phone and open the curtains to let the natural light wake me up!

Question 03

What’s one non-negotiable in your morning routine that your day can’t start without?

Andy: My cup of tea or a glass of green juice and a workout.

Anna: Exercise! I love working out in the morning – I feel so energized afterwards and it really sets the tone for my day. I also couldn’t go without my daily green juice.

Coco: SPF!

Question 04

Are there any products you use to enhance your mornings?

Andy: Occasionally, I’ll use a lovely mindfulness app called Meditate.

Anna: Honestly, our W&P water bottle. I fill it up every night before bed so that it’s ready for me first thing in the morning, I just need to add lemon! That way it ensures I drink at least a good 20 oz of water before anything else.

Coco: The 5-Minute Journal, which is great because it’s short and includes a little mantra for the day. It’s a great way to get into journaling.

Question 05

What does your morning skincare routine look like?

Andy: My morning skin care routine is very simple. I wash my face with my Skinbetter science cleanser, then I use my Skinbetter exfoliating pads. I use VI Derm vitamin C gel and sometimes I alternate with my matter ascorbic acid 20 brightening C serum. Then, I apply my Skinbetter trio rebalancing moisture treatment. I then put on my revision neck cream along with my VI Derm revitalizing eye cream. To finish it off, I use EltaMD tinted broad- spectrum SPF 46.

Anna: I’ve struggled a lot with skin in the past, so I’ve finally found a routine that really works for me, and I am now very loyal to it. I have oily skin and I also workout most mornings, so I always start with the Marie Veronique gentle gel cleanser in the AM. I then use their balancing hypotonic before moving onto serums. In the mornings, I use a b3 serum followed by a vitamin C serum, both from Marie Veronique as well, and then eye cream! For eye cream, I love the Suzanne Kaufmann rejuvenating one – it’s amazing, so dewy! Depending on the season, I might go straight into SPF from there (always EltaMD UV Clear, tinted) or in colder months, I’ll add a face oil or moisturizer before. Last step is lip balm (I’ve been loving the Image Skincare Ormedic lip balm) and I always throw on some brow gel because it makes me feel more put together.

Coco: I started using the Augustinus Bader skincare line and picked the product based on the online skin care test. I normally wash my face with the cleansing balm followed by the essence which I put in my hands and spread evenly on face. I follow this step with the serum and make sure not to miss my neck and chest. I then use the face cream and the eye cream. My last step is to put on a tinted sunscreen. I rotate between EltaMD, Goop, and Josh Rosebrook. I choose my tinted sunscreen depending on how much coverage I want that day.

Question 06

Do you drink coffee? If not, what do you drink? If so, what’s your order?

Andy: I am a huge tea drinker. Decaf Earl Grey with a dash of milk.

Anna: I LOVE coffee… probably more than I should. My order changes according to the weather. On warmer days, I love a cold brew but when it’s chilly out I’ll go for a cappuccino or drip coffee with cashew or pistachio at home and oat milk if I’m buying.

Coco: I’m a coffee drinker! I have either a cold brew coffee with oat or almond milk or a latte with either of those two milks 🙂

Question 07

Breakfast or not a breakfast person?

Andy: Breakfast!

Anna: Not a huge breakfast gal! That said, over the weekend when I have a bit more time, I’m obsessed with our spiced morning buns..

Coco: I’m not much of a breakfast person but I love a good brunch.

Question 08

What’s the first thing you eat each day?

Andy: A bowl of fresh fruit.

Anna: I always start by making a green juice, then I’ll have my coffee. If I’m hungry for something more substantial, I’ll have a bit of fruit, oatmeal or some chia seed pudding.

Coco: I normally have a glass of water followed by a green juice every morning.

Question 09

How long does your morning routine take?

Andy: If I include my skin care routine and my workout, about two hours.

Anna: For me, my morning routine starts with brushing my teeth and ends as I’m drinking my coffee and checking emails. Because I include journaling, my workout, shower, making breakfast etc. in that routine, it could be about a 2 hour process.

Coco: I would say it takes about 20 mins!

Question 10

Do you have an evening wind-down routine as well?

Andy: I take a hot shower every evening, apply a mask (I’m loving the Aceology rose petal mask and the detoxifying modeling mask). I then cleanse my face and apply my BeautyPie Super Retinol Vitamin C Night Renewal moisturizer with an encapsulated Retinol and Ferulic Acid. Then, it’s my neck cream and my eye cream. I also love to unwind with a great movie or to read a bit before bed.

Anna: Yes, I cherish quiet evenings during the week. After dinner, I always take a hot shower and do my skin care routine. I might turn on a show for a bit but I always make sure to get away from the screens about an hour or two before going to bed, it’s been such a game changer for my sleep! Instead, I love to read a book while I wind down.
Coco: My nighttime routine is watching a tv show and then getting into a hot shower and doing my skin care routine which at night includes putting lotion on my body and getting in my pjs. I follow the same routine morning and evening when it comes to skin care. Some nights, I’ll put on a face mask, I like the Barbara Sturm Clearing mask. Or I’ll do a hair mask.

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