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Art is an instant way to add personality to your space. Whether your style is traditional, modern, or even minimalistic, there’s a piece out there for you. I know, it’s easy to get intimidated when you start shopping. The prices can be high and the options are endless. I rarely shop for art, instead, I visit galleries or “appreciate” online until I see a piece that speaks to me. If you set out to find the perfect piece, chances are, you’ll have a hard time looking at the art itself, and rather, you’ll be searching for a wall to fill.

Art is an investment. So, find the pieces that you love the most, and then we’ll find a way to make them work within your space.

Love color? Add a focal point.

If you’ve set your sights on a big or bright piece, it can make for the perfect focal point. These themes are most commonly found in abstract art – which is great! The subject matter won’t take away from the space even if the piece is oversized.

Double down

If you love a piece, but can’t find a way to fit it into your space, see if there’s a way to add a second. If it’s a print buy two, or add another from the series. Then, you can flank your doorway or your bed. The key here is to keep the size and the framing consistent, so the artwork looks cohesive, even if the composition varies.

Create a color story

Art doesn’t always have to draw all of the attention. Use complementary colors to keep things a little bit more subtle. Match your wall to the painting or vice versa. Or, pair art that’s inline with the color of your couch or bedding.

Make it a gallery

If you’ve collected a couple of small pieces over the year, bring them together in a gallery wall. Just try to stick to a limited color palette for cohesiveness and keep the framing materials and styles somewhat similar. It’s great to mix and match sizes, subjects, and mediums.


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