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If you can’t tell by the fact that we’ve done an entire series on candles, from our favorite candle centerpieces to our favorite candle types to tips for candle care, we are candle obsessives.

It’s thanks to this obsession that we take a ton of care when curating the candle selection in our shop–and we’re proud to say that we carry the best of the best when it comes to candle shopping. We know it can be difficult to shop for candles online, so we thought we’d do a handy roundup for you of our favorite candles in the shop, from their scent profiles to when we burn them.

The Italian Countryside Candle

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like being transported to the Italian countryside, where the scent of smoke from oak wood wafts through a villa chimney that’s been there for a thousand years, you won’t be able to get enough of our Carola Fra i Trulli Smoky Oak Wood Candle. Bonus points that it comes in a stunning reusable vessel, so, in addition to being the perfect scent, it doubles as art.

The Scandi Chic Options

Ferm Living, the Copenhagen-based brand that has become synonymous with Scandi-chic interiors, make candles—and they’re just as perfect as the rest of the product lineup. We stock all three versions of their Ura Scented Candle in our shop. There’s the Pale Sienna, a vintage clay in its natural taupe color, which emits a calming chamomile; the vibrant Red Sienna, made from red clay, which wafts lemongrass; and Burned Sienna, made of a grayish hue, with a classic Fig scent to match the versatile color. We’re constantly rotating between the three–and each have nearly 40 hours of burn time.

The Options You Never Knew You Needed

We mention our D.S. & Durga products often, and that’s because they’re incredible. One of the most creative candle brands out there, D.S. & Durga are masters of creating scents you didn’t know you needed–maybe even scents you didn’t know existed. Instead of simply combining notes to create a scent (which we also love, of course), they take concepts and turn them into fragrances, crafting the ultimate conversation pieces. While it’s impossible for us to pick favorites, here are our takes on four that give you a taste of what the brand is all about.

Concrete After Lightning
If you’ve ever lived in the city in the midst of a heat wave, you’re probably familiar with the distinct magic of the summer thunderstorm. And once said thunderstorm ends and gives way to that very specific shade of sunlight (and maybe even a rainbow), a highly specific post-rain scent fills the air. It’s one of those things you always appreciate but would never think to bottle. But D.S. & Durga did it for us, and we won’t be without the scent again.

Tomb of the Eagles
When someone tells you they’ve created a candle inspired by an area of the world where Scottish and Norse cultures connect, we wouldn’t blame you for not knowing what to expect. But once you catch a whiff of this candle, inspired by Stone Age site Tomb of the Eagles, you’ll understand what it means. It smells like ocean spray, mystery, marshes, and wind. It’s like discovering a whole new world in candle form. With notes of clover, cold sea, island moss, bones, and grass.

Breakfast Leipzig
If Bach needed coffee to compose, you can justify having it for breakfast. And you can also justify the purchase of a candle inspired by the very cafe he composed the Java Cantata itself. Infused with the sweet scents of almond pastry but balanced with the smell of a crackling fire and a leather armchair, this is the ultimate Sunday morning burn.

Holy Ficus
With notes of fig, cedar, cardamom, frankincense, ginger and saffron, this candle is inspired not just by the scents of India but by enlightenment itself. In India, the Bodhi fig tree is said to be the tree under which Gotama Buddha received enlightenment – and spiritual seekers can still visit the place the original tree once stood. Burn a candle like this in your home and won’t be able to help feel a bit of enlightenment yourself.

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