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There’s so much to consider when it comes to summer travel, but summer travel for weddings adds another layer entirely.

You have to pack multiple dresses (and maybe even shoes) and daytime clothes that account for any wedding-related activities–not to mention you may be wearing more makeup than usual, especially if you’re part of the bridal party (or the bride). From packing to planning to travel to heavier makeup–it’s fair to say that weddings can take a toll on your skin, no matter how much you enjoy them. Lucky for you, we’ve been to plenty, and we’re here to share some tried and true tips for prepping your skin for summertime nuptials. You and your skin will thank us later.

Do professional prep ahead of time

While this is undoubtedly the most expensive tip on the list, the investment goes a long way. Getting a facial 2-4 days before a wedding (remember prior to any spray tanning you’re planning) can go a long way in ensuring your skin’s base is smooth and ready for whatever the wedding brings.

Designate a travel toiletry bag

This is more of an organizational tip than anything else: but we like to keep our travel toiletry kit separate from our everyday makeup bag. There’s nothing worse than heading on a trip or to an event you’re excited for, only to find that you’re missing something crucial (contact lens wearers can certainly relate). Keeping all of your favorite skincare (more on that below) and products designed to prevent beauty disasters (eyedrops, shaving cream to avoid cuts, nail files, and, yes, contact lens) can help save you time–and stress–when it comes time to head out.

Decant your faves

Weddings are not the time to try something new when it comes to skincare–but travel restrictions (and suitcases stuffed with wedding clothes) can impose a burden on bringing your full skincare routine. That’s why we swear by stocking up on mini empty bottles at the drugstore, labeling them (with expiration dates!), pouring a part of your favorite product into the minis, and leaving it in your travel toiletry bag so you’re always travel ready.

Prioritize de-puffing products

Weddings are a time of merriment–which can occasionally mean having a few more drinks that you normally might. Unfortunately for your skin, this can lead you to waking up dehydrated–and that water retention may leave you looking puffier than you’d like. Here are a few of the things we reach for when that happens.

111Skin Cryo De-Puffing Eye Masks
One of our all-time favorite cures for the dreaded puffy eyes we often wake up with the morning after a welcome party. Pro tip: if your hotel room has a minibar fridge, pop them in there for an even stronger effect.

The Skinny Confidential Ice Roller
If you’re staying in a house, pop this travel ice roller in the freezer and smooth it over your face each morning for the ultimate wake-up call. If you’re in a hotel room, you can request a bucket of ice and pop it in the fridge to keep things cool.

Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap
A cult favorite for a reason, this Clarins mask is ideal for waking up after a night when you feel dehydrated. It instantly depuffs thanks to a number of herbal ingredients like beautyberry (yes, that’s a real berry), ginger, and horse chestnut–just be sure to moisturize after.

Eat (and drink) your skincare

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to ensure your skin stays glowing. Pack a portable water bottle–and don’t forget electrolytes (we love LMNT’s watermelon flavor).

Beyond that, we love hydrating with juices and cooking with hydrating vegetables, like cucumbers, celery, and romaine–all of which will keep your skin plump and glowing thanks to the added hit of h2o. Avoiding sugars leading up to the wedding is your best bet for banishing breakouts–but don’t forget to treat yourself to a slice of wedding cake when the time comes.

Avoid easy mistakes

There’s one major faux pas many people make when it comes to the pursuit of glowing, pre-wedding skin: attempting a natural tan. Getting a sunburn not only majorly increases your risk of skin cancer, but it’ll leave your skin red, blistered, and sensitized–meaning none of these products will be able to work their magic. Ensuring you’re wearing the proper SPF (we love Le Prunier) leading up to the big day will help you keep avoidable mistakes at bay.


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