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We think we speak for many when we say: when our skin feels good, we feel good.

There’s nothing better than waking up with a glow–and, conversely, there’s nothing worse than when your skin just won’t seem to cooperate. We’ve all dealt with it at some point in our lives, and sometimes–like in the cases of the dreaded but basically inevitable hormonal acne–there’s nothing we can do.

But in certain instances, like seasonal transitions, we can take simple measures to protect our skin and get it closer to that glowing visage we’re all constantly craving. Here’s how we prep our skin when the weather changes to help encourage smoother seasonal skin transitions.

Winter to spring skincare

As the weather transitions from winter to spring, your skin may feel off balance, just as the season itself often does. It’s warm and sunny one day, rainy with a chill the next. Your heating is still on.. and then you feel like you might need the air conditioner. Our tip for spring is to transition slowly. We understand the temptation, but don’t just abandon your heavier moisturizers the second you see the sun or feel a warm breeze.

And while we don’t recommend making immediate skincare swaps come spring, we do believe in the power of a good spring clean. So, use this time to go through your products, check for expiration dates–and, if your product doesn’t have one, just search for the average shelf life and then work backwards from when you purchased. Get rid of anything that’s expired–it’s likely accumulating bacteria; not a good way to keep skin healthy! Clean your brushes and organize your products.

It’s a good time to do a spring clean of your routine, too. Does your routine really require that many skincare steps? Remember, most dermatologists recommend Vitamin C, moisturizer, SPF (emphasis on the SPF, more on that later), and retinol…and that’s it! When your skin gets uneven or unhappy (which is common for us during these seasonal transitions), it’s easy to lean into the idea that throwing as many products at the problem as you can is going to fix it; but the reality is that sometimes, that can make things worse. So, if your skin is struggling–start by simplifying.

Spring to summer skincare

Once it’s officially summer, there’s enough humidity in the air that you’ve probably swapped out your wintertime pick for something a bit lighter. If you use a cleansing balm in the colder months, you may also want to change it out for a gel (though gel cleansers generally aren’t the easiest on dry skin) or cream.

With that said–if you work in an office or spend the majority of your day inside, where the air conditioning is on blast–your skin might be even drier and flakier than it was in the winter. This is where a humidifier comes in. Air conditioners pull moisture from the air, so, in order to avoid that dreaded dryness, we recommend purchasing one–especially if you sleep with the AC on overnight–for your bedroom, and another for your office. We love this one, but you can’t really go wrong, provided you clean them properly (unplug your humidifier, add two cups of distilled white vinegar, let stand for 10 minutes, clean with a microfiber cloth or scrub brush, and rinse before plugging back in).

And, of course, the number one tip for summer skincare–up your SPF! You should be applying SPF every morning and reapplying every two hours. It’s not just an essential sun-safety tip, crucial for preventing skin cancer–it’s the number one anti-aging tip according to every dermatologist we spoke to.

Summer to fall skincare

Summer to fall skincare transitioning follows the same format as winter to spring; you’re going through an extreme weather change, but it’s hard to know when things become permanent. The heat might not be on yet at this point–meaning your skin won’t be as stripped of moisture as it is come winter, but as the weather gets colder, be sure to stay moisturized, especially if you take more hot baths and showers, which tend to dry out the skin. Speaking of which, don’t forget to neglect body skincare! We love Osea’s luxurious body oil for counteracting the scaly dry skin that comes with the switch from shorts to pants.

Year-round skincare tips

There’s never a bad time to hydrate! Dehydrated skin is hardly ever happy, so drink water whenever you remember to, and you’ll find yourself reaping the skincare benefits.

Avoid touching your face
Yes, this sounds simple. But if you struggle with acne, spend a day tracking how often you touch your face, and make a conscious effort to avoid it (same goes for those who struggle with an oily scalp, btw–your scalp is also your skin).

Always take off your makeup
Another simple one, but those late nights where you get home and decide it’s not worth it add up–not taking off your makeup can clog your pores and lead to acne.

Wash your pillows–and go for a silk pillowcase

Eat seasonally
Eating in accordance with the seasons is a highly underrated tip for ensuring your skin glows year-round; in the summer, hydrating foods like watermelon can make your skin look plump and glowy; in the fall, nutrient-dense root vegetables can nourish you from the inside out. Here are our tips for seasonal eating, if you’re not sure where to start.

SPF, always
Cloudy day? Wear SPF. Pouring with rain? You still need SPF. In the middle of a snowstorm in the winter? UVB rays can absolutely still harm your skin–wear SPF.


That’s all for our seasonal skincare transition tips! Did you make any skincare swaps thanks to us? Tag us on social media using #casadesuna

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