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There’s lots to love about winter.

Something not to love: cold season. Yes, it’s inevitable to catch a cold when the temperature drops, but there are things you can do to help stave them off or shorten their duration. Read on for our favorite immune-boosting ingredients, plus a few home hacks, but, as always, please discuss with your doctor before taking any recommendations.

Ingredients to know:

Elderberry contains phytonutrients, is rich in antioxidants, and has been said to help reduce inflammation. There are lots of ways to consume it, from these gels from Cymbiotika to Pique’s Elderberry Vitamin C; and it’s said to support skin health, too. If you don’t want to spend on supplements, you can also opt for a tea: we love this one from RISHI.

Echinacea often comes up in conversation with regards to taking care of colds, with Mount Sinai reporting its benefits when it comes to immune function, pain relief, antiviral support, and lots more. We love these drops from MaryRuth Organics, but you can find pure echinacea in pill or tea form in most health food stores.

Garlic is more commonly considered a way to make any meal delicious, but what lots of people don’t know is that they’re an immune-boosting treat, too. Sneak them into any meal you can; you can even cut off the top of a bulb of garlic, wrap it in tinfoil, and roast it in the oven for 75 minutes to squeeze on top of toast for a healthy and delicious way to stave off colds.

Propolis has gained a bit more attention in recent years, but still flies under the radar–surprising given its vast array of benefits. Also known as “bee glue,” it’s a resin that’s been said to support respiratory infections like cold and flu and even to speed up wound healing. Our favorite brand for all things bees is, of course, Beekeeper’s Naturals, who have an entire immunity collection featuring propolis-powered picks.

Home hacks:

Humidifiers are our favorite way to stave off a dry cough (and keep skin flawless and safe from the dreaded winter cracks). Just be sure to pair yours with an air purifier and run vinegar through it at least once a week to make sure it’s not accumulating mold.

Cooking is an amazing first line of defense for taking care of colds. We’ve got tons of immune-boosting recipes on our site, and we always have our oven bone broth available in the fridge.


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