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When we think of the festive season, we often envision fabulous parties filled with to the brim with sequins and champagne.

And holiday hangovers are hardly novel; in fact, more than half of Americans drink during the holiday season, with one in three women experiencing a hangover after drinking. While holiday parties are fun, the after-effects of drinking almost never are.

That’s why we’ve been thrilled, in recent years, to witness a booze-free boom. Now, more people than ever are eschewing alcohol, with one in three Americans resolving to drink less through the end of this year (and 24% who already abstain altogether). Oft-titled the “sober curious” movement, in a term coined by Ruby Warrington, cutting down or cutting out alcohol can have benefits far beyond the lack of hangover.

In fact, many proponents of “sober curiosity” report better sleep, better skin, and lower levels of anxiety when they drink less. In the past, passing on alcohol often meant the remaining options weren’t particularly interesting. Not so now. The non-alcoholic spirits movement is positively booming, which means exciting zero-proof picks are cropping up every day across the globe. Today, we checked back in with Lily Geiger, founder of Figlia, to get her tips for celebrating the holidays in sober curious fashion.


Question 01

First, re-introduce yourself & Figlia.

Hi! My name is Lily, and I am the founder of Figlia, a modern non-alcoholic aperitivo made for moments you want to remember.

Question 02

Any tips for people who feel awkward when sober at parties?

BYONA – bring your own non-alcoholic drink! I feel like I am always stuffing my purse with cans of Fiore Frizzante and bringing bottles of Fiore or Unified Ferments to dinner parties or even going to hang out at a friend’s place. I try not to ever show up empty handed so bringing an option that I can also enjoy but looks beautiful on a bar cart and tastes great is always nice. Something that makes you still feel included in the fun removes the feeling that you are left out of something that everyone else that is drinking booze is a part of. I even bring my fave NA beer (Visitor) to more casual events too!

Question 03

Any tips for people who get tired when sober at parties?

I will sometimes try to have an espresso if I know I will be going out and having a later night! I also believe that if the music and conversation are good [which they’re more likely to be with the benefit of a clear head], it keeps you up later!

Question 04

What are some benefits of staying sober through the holiday season?

Better sleep, glowing skin, no hangovers, and bringing fun non-alcoholic options to bring to holiday parties to introduce to friends–who might get inspired in turn!

Question 05

So many places still don't have good non-alcoholic alternatives. What's your strategy? Do you bring your own? Etc.

Yes! I love bringing my own and try to bring a full range of things (from non-alcoholic spritzes to non-alcoholic beer)!

Question 06

Let's say you're in a bar without access to Figlia. What are you directing the bartender to make?

A bitters and soda!

Question 07

Any last tips to leave us with?

Always keep your home stocked with NA options so you don’t feel the stress of having to run out to grab some! Plus so many of them have beautiful branding and look great on a bar cart!

Love Lily’s tips? We spoke her to about Dry January at the top of this year–so check it out if you’re planning to give it a go, and tag us on social media using #casadesuna

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