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While we pride ourselves on the fact that most of our entertaining pieces are packed to the brim with tips timeless enough to use year after year, we’re just like everyone else when it comes to getting excited for seasonal content.

And this month, we’ve got plenty to look forward to. Read on for the releases we’re excited about – and the ones we’ve tried, tested, and are ready to recommend.

Out Now


In a reading rut? There’s one woman you can pretty much always count on to lift you out of it: Emily Henry. The queen of rom-coms deftly injects her wry sense of humor into what might otherwise be overly on-the-nose romance plots. Her latest, Funny Story, follows two recently dumped exes of a formerly engaged couple, who left their respective partners for…each other. The two dumpees hatch a plan to exact revenge on the heartbreakers but may or may not fall for each other in the process. It’s not the type of book to reach for if you’re looking for shocking plot twists, but it is an engaging, warm comfort read that can get even the most wayward reader back on track.


You can’t go on the internet without hearing about Challengers, and that’s because it’s great. From the outfits to the soundtrack, it’s the ultimate summer movie. The story follows Tashi Duncan, a tennis legend forced to retire before she can even go pro due to a heartbreaking college injury. Duncan is too obsessed with tennis to ever really quit, so she channels her passion into coaching, with her husband, Art–a star player–as her only client. When he begins to lose confidence after a string of humiliating losses, she convinces him to play a match she knows he’ll win: a low-level challenger. It’s there that he encounters his childhood best friend, who stirs up memories that both Art and Tashi were determined to leave in the past. Aced it.


Baby Reindeer started small. Once a niche dark comedy at Edinburgh’s famous Fringe Festival, when some Netflix execs went to see it, they decided to buy the development rights and make it into a show with Richard Gadd, its original creator. It has since hit 60 million views on Netflix. While it’s not for the faint of heart, the show tells an important story. The main character, Donny, is a bartender and aspiring comedian who meets Martha, a self-proclaimed lawyer, one day in a bar. When he indulges her in a bit more conversation than he should, she quickly becomes obsessed with him–and begins a stalking campaign that upends his entire life. Outside of his issues with Martha, Donny is also figuring out how to reconcile the shame he feels about his dating preferences and advance in the comedy industry–where he encounters a successful but predatory older man who convinces him he can help make it–but there’s clearly a cost involved. Baby Reindeer is entirely based on Richard Gadd’s life, and while it’s a difficult watch at times, it’s hard not to feel inspired by his courage in sharing his story.



At this point, Lucy Foley is pretty much the undisputed master of page-turning thrillers. So, can you blame us for timing our long-haul summer vacation flights with the release of her newest novel, The Midnight Feast? As with most of Foley’s books, the story starts with a murder. A body has been found at The Manor, a luxurious beachfront property that prioritizes wellness–and all but ignores the longtime local residents. Is the health-forward hotspot too good to be true? All signs point to yes. The perfect book to pack for a lazy beach day or to liven up a long, hot commute.
Out June 21

Everyone is talking about Brat, a novel by Gabriel Smith set for release on June 4th. And it’s not just endorsed by our friends in the literary industry: our favorite model-slash-bookworm Kaia Gerber gave it her stamp of approval via her online book club, Library Science. Smith’s Brat isn’t exactly a story for the faint of heart: it’s a surreal story about a repellent protagonist experiencing a mysterious skin disorder–and discovering both himself and some family secrets in the process. If you’re not into quirkier books, you may want to give this a miss, but if you’re the type that loved My Year of Rest and Relaxation, we say add to pre-order cart immediately.
Out June 4


Rarely does a movie stir up controversy before it comes out, but there are always exceptions, and Back to Black is one of them. Back to Black is a biopic on the late, great Amy Winehouse that zeroes in on the tumultuous relationship that compelled her to write Back to Black, her now-iconic second album. While certain fans are upset by the way the movie tells the story of her passing, others are impressed by Industry star Marisa Abela’s transformation into Winehouse for the lead role. We know we’ll be heading to the theaters to see for ourselves!
Out May 17


Millions of viewers were glued to their screens for Bridgerton Season 1 – which became Netflix’s biggest show within a week of its Christmas 2020 launch. And while it was hard to believe Season 2 would ever come close, many ended up loving it more. That’s why we’re ready and waiting for Season 3. For those unfamiliar with the show’s concept: imagine Regency-era England (i.e. the time period where women were still getting presented to the Queen at Court and married off via society balls). Each member of the wealthy Bridgerton family needs a match: first, English rose Daphne; then serial dater Anthony; and now, in season three, his younger brother, Colin. Based on a wildly popular book series and brought to life by the iconic Shonda Rhimes of Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder fame, it’s a visual treat featuring the world’s catchiest soundtrack (think your favorite pop songs, done instrumental), gorgeous costumes, and heartwarming plotlines. What’s not to love?
Out May 16

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