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No matter what your feelings are on the process, returning to the office is well and truly upon us.

And, now more than ever, keeping cozy at your desk is a matter of essence. Because it’s been a while since we’ve all been spending the majority of our weeks deskside, we thought it might make sense to refresh everyone’s memories with a few of our favorite picks from making your office desk feel a little more like home (but, you know, not in a sad way).

Step 1: Create a pretty base

All of our favorite “desk tours” (yes, they’re very much a thing on TikTok) share a common feature: a gorgeous tray for displaying all of your deskside essentials.

Our personal favorite trays come from Trove by Studio Duggan–they’re handmade by artisans in Bali and we’re in love with the way the simple wicker and the sleek lacquer create a stylish contrast. The tray is available in three colors, but this seafoam green is our personal pick.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly piece, Abask has you covered in the mid-range in all sorts of gorgeous lacquer colors–we can’t choose between the green and the burgundy (why not buy both?). Over at Svenskt Tenn, their quirky Italian dinner tray can serve as a deskside storage space, too–the pattern is guaranteed to put a bit of extra pep into your day.

Finally, for an under $30 option, Schoolhouse’s gingham everyday tray will bring you back to the classroom in the chicest possible way.

Step 2: Grab your year-round accessories

There are certain things you’ll need on your desk year-round, regardless of the weather outside. One, something to hold writing utensils (written to-do lists might seem like a lost art, but they certainly shouldn’t be). The chicest way to store pens and pencils is undoubtedly in a repurposed candle vessel–our favorites come from artisan Italian brand Carola Fra i Trulli.

Speaking of candles, we like to scent our spaces accordingly–but, when it comes to the office, we prefer to keep things flame-safe; our pick is the DS&Durga auto fragrances; they’re technically car fresheners, but they diffuse perfectly deskside, too.

Step 3: Round up your winter essentials

Last but not least, it’s time to stock up on your winter essentials. First things first: a mini humidifier, to protect your skin from the harsh winter weather. It sounds extra, but you can readily find them for under $20–this one is our favorite. And when it comes to keeping chapped lips and dry hands cared for, there’s nothing nicer for adding a bit of luxury to the workday than a spritz of LINNÉ refresh face mist and a gorgeous hand cream.


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