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We’ll admit it: we’re obsessed with luxury candles.

We believe a beautiful scent in an artistic vessel has the power to turn a house into a home. And, with the recent launch of small-batch Italian candle brand Carola Fra i Trulli in the Casa de Suna shop, we thought now was as good a time as any to talk through how to make the most of the beautiful vessels once your sixty hours of burn time are up. Because when a candle looks this good, you certainly aren’t going to throw it out.

In the kitchen:

Even the most organized among us all have that one drawer. You know the one–try as you might, you cannot keep it from looking untidy. Typically, that messiness comes from smaller items that are difficult to contain, from corkscrews to bag clips to cocktail straws. Our solution: store all your small kitchen goods in your used candle vessel. Your drawers will look better than ever.

In the bathroom:

Two words: makeup brushes. When our makeup brushes languish in cosmetics cases, they tend to collect dust–but when they’re out in the open (let’s say, stored in a gorgeous, painted ceramic vessel), we’re more compelled not only to make more frequent use of them, but also to wash them on schedule. If you’re not a makeup person, there are countless other ways you can leverage them for bathroom storage: from toothbrushes to q-tips and beyond.

At your desk:

Research shows that writing things down tends to increase the likelihood that you’ll remember them. Trouble is, it’s hard to write things down if you can’t find your pen. Storing a fresh pack of pens in your used Carola vessel will do more than just make sure you always have the writing utensil you need–it’ll brighten up even the dreariest of work days. 10/10 recommend.

Living Room:

There are countless options for a candle vessel in a living room. We’re never mad when we arrive at someone’s house and find that they have candy out and ready to eat–filling your vessel with some Hershey’s kisses or M&Ms is a great way to keep the sugar fans in your life satisfied. If you’re after a more challenging endeavor, you can fill the vessel with soil and plant some seeds–try an herb like basil and you’ll be reaping the benefits long past the candle’s last burn.

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