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Many of us have dealt with this dilemma: you have kids, and you want them to feel excited for an upcoming holiday–but you always want your home to remain chic.

Easter is one of those times. You may not be inclined to pin a bunny to the wall, but you still want to acknowledge the holiday with some special touches. Here are five ways we like to do it.

Easter Decor Tip #1: Find an Easter Basket that Doubles as a Bag

If a wicker basket was good enough for Jane Birkin to carry as her bag, it’s certainly good enough for us. That’s why we’re into the idea of buying kids Easter baskets that we could technically use as bags come summer if we wanted, too. Gone are the days where flimsy white woven and plastic baskets are the only options: now, baskets like these can store Easter bounties and do double duty as Birkin-style bags later on. We’ll take multiple.

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Easter Decor Tip #2: Don’t Shy Away from Chic Candy

Yes, candy can be chic (plus, kids don’t like it as much, but it still counts as candy, which means fewer sugar highs–and crashes–for you to deal with). We love scattering some Medicis almonds into a festive yellow bowl, and who can resist marzipan candy eggs? Scattering Laderach’s Raspberry chocolate bunnies throughout your home also adds a festive touch–and there’s no need for cleanup or storage, since they’ll all be eaten by the time Easter is over.

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Easter Decor Tip #3: Stylish Stuffed Animals Count, Too

There is no chicer kid’s room tableau than that of an old-school stuffed animal propped gently atop a twin bed. This year, Meri Meri is making the perfect festive option: a gingham bunny cushion that’s festive enough to serve as Easter decoration, but timeless enough that you won’t mind seeing it take pride of place year-round. For something a bit more cutesy, (actually, we’d call it undeniably adorable), this cushion does the trick.

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Easter Decor Tip #4: Spring-Forward Tablescape Swaps

This is technically two tips in one: swap out your dinnerware, especially if you tend to opt for all-white year-round, with a pastel pick. We’d go for our blush pink Casafina Pacifica collection or, if you don’t want to go all pink, Revol’s Caractère plates in nutmeg are colorful–not quite pastel, but a sufficiently festive swap. Next up, burn a candle that smells like spring: there’s nothing like fig in that department, which Ferm Living’s Burned Sienna Candle offers beautifully. They’re little touches that feel thematic enough to go a long way.

Easter Decor Tip #5: Cooking Counts, Too

Our last and final tip for getting your home in a festive but stylish state for the Easter holidays: cooking counts, too. If you make our mini egg brownies, and store them on a pastel platter, you’re fully in the Easter spirit. We just can’t promise you’ll be able to resist eating them all in one sitting.


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