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Ahh, August. The relaxing final month before the back-to-school season that has us all scrambling to get organized. Or is it?

Why not make the most of the warm weather and your last few vacation days to start incorporating healthy habits into your life that you take with you the whole year long? Read on for some of our favorites.

Step Up Your Steps

With the warm weather and abundant sunshine, summer is arguably the easiest time of year to up your step game. And it’s more than just exercise: getting 12,000 steps a day has been proven to increase longevity by up to 16x. Canadian celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak spent a year in the “Blue Zones,” the areas on earth where humans live the longest, and one of his key takeaways was how often the world’s healthiest humans spend on their feet; at least 11,000 per day across the board. He has since incorporated a 12,000-step requirement into all of his training clients’ routines, as a supplement to their workouts. Challenging yourself to three moderate walks per day will have you at 12K in no time. And once you begin to reap the benefits; from a well-regulated sleep cycle to a toned figure, you’ll be inspired to continue through the colder, darker months.

Get Outside

Here’s another habit to start in the summer, and take with you through the year: a few mindful minutes outside in the afternoon. Instead of reaching for a sugary snack to cure your afternoon slump, opt for a quick hit of fresh air. Getting outside in the afternoon can help increase your intake of Vitamin D, in turn leading to an elevated mood, improve concentration, and reduce stress. And you don’t need to live near a massive green space or have a huge backyard to take advantage of all of the benefits a quick minute in nature has to offer–a quick walk around your block, or, if possible, to your nearest park, will give you the same beneficial boost.

Hack Your Hydration

Think drinking water is boring? Think again. You know we’re all about elevating the everyday here at Casa de Suna, and one of our favorite easy, healthy tips comes in the form of a hydration hack. We love filling our Casafina Carafe with a squeeze of lemon and a handful of fresh herbs [mint, basil, and rosemary are personal favorites–and you can find them all year-round]. Tart, refreshing, and packed with health benefits–it’s a hydrating habit you’re going to want to hold onto.

Catch A Chill

We’re not quite sure when Wim Hof caught the collective attention of the world, but when we heard about all the purported benefits associated with a good, cold plunge, we were certainly captivated. Whether it’s cold-water swimming, a post-workout ice bath, or a simple switch of the shower knob to the coldest point, there’s no feeling more refreshing than a good, cold rinse. From increasing muscle circulation to helping improve your body’s stress response to encouraging shinier hair, there are countless reasons to love getting cold. If you have access to a natural body of water, we recommend a morning swim. If not, no worries–try an ice bath (fill a tub halfway with cold water and half with ice) once a week, and a cold rinse at the end of each shower. Get started on this habit in the summer, and you’ll be so sold come Daylight Savings you won’t even hesitate to dive in.

Ditch Your Phone

This one may not be warm-weather specific, but why not start now? There’s a lot to love about our phones–they get us where we need to go, they connect us to friends from afar, and they allow us to respond to texts and emails even when we’re on the go–but they’re also a source of stress. Phone notifications can trigger the stress response in the body, meaning the more we use them, the more likely we are to be in “fight or flight” mode. Our favorite way to unwind? Ditching our phone at least an hour before bedtime–and leaving it outside of your bedroom, which will reduce your exposure to melatonin-blocking blue light and improve the quality of your sleep–and, in turn, your life. Opt for one of our favorite recent reads to relax before bed instead.

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