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There’s lots of talk about shopping at this time of year (including some obsessively-curated recommendations from us...

Have you seen our gift guides? But we’d be remiss not to mention an equally important aspect of holiday prep: the meal. We’ve been working behind-the-scenes for months to help develop some new recipes designed to impress even the most discerning palates at your holiday table – read on for what we’ve cooked up.

Kale Ribbon Salad with Orange-Thyme Dressing recipe by Casa de Suna

The Starter: Kale Ribbon Salad with Orange-Thyme Dressing

Kick off Christmas dinner with the perfect palate pleaser! This salad boasts an intriguing medley of sweet, sour, and pleasingly bitter flavors, making it the ultimate digestive companion to a rich holiday feast.

Dry-Brined Turkey recipe by Casa de Suna; A Holiday Menu, Casa de Suna Style

The Main: Dry-Brined Turkey

Everyone falls into a different camp when it comes to turkey; but to those who aren’t big fans, we say: wait til you’ve tried this one. It’s the most efficient and flavorful way to prepare the bird–leaving you time to enjoy the holidays with your family without sacrificing on taste.

Mac and Cheese with Swiss Chard recipe by Casa de Suna; A Holiday Menu, Casa de Suna Style

The Side: Mac & Cheese with Swiss Chard

We’d be remiss not to include a bit of holiday indulgence in the mix, and that’s where our mac & cheese comes in. A gorgeous mélange of multiple rich cheeses, its richness is perfectly balanced with seasonal Swiss chard for an extra dose of greens.

Spiced Linzer Cookies with Plum and Fig Preserves recipe by Casa de Suna; A Holiday Menu, Casa de Suna Style

The Dessert: Spiced Linzer Cookies with Fig & Plum Preserves

Does anything say “holiday season” like a spiced cookie? These gorgeous Austrian-inspired sweets, spiced for kick and sweetened with fig and plum (the ultimate in holiday preserves) will transport all of your dinner guests to a charming chalet.

Spiced Mulled Cider recipe by Casa de Suna; CDS | New Year’s Eve Cocktail Recipes Round-Up

The Cocktail: Spiced Mulled Cider

Cap off Christmas dinner with the perfect winter warmer! While a steaming cup of mulled cider is a winter classic, our version is so delicious, you’ll want to savor it all year round. Pro tip: Mull the cider sans liquor and add it later to suit every guest’s taste.


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