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Father’s Day is one of those holidays that can sneak up on you–Mother’s Day gets a lot of love on social media, but Father’s Day doesn’t always get the same due, and it should!

If you’re planning a lovely celebration for or in honor of the father or father figure in your life, read on for an ideal menu that’s sure to please even the most discerning dad.

Father’s Day always falls on a Sunday, and Sundays are, of course, sports days. This year, sports lovers are spoiled for choice between the Euro Cup and a bounty of baseball games. With this in mind, we prefer to prepare finger food that can be enjoyed alongside the ambient sounds of a TV playing sports–without sacrificing on the sophisticated flavors we always aim to serve up. Sure, it’s not a full, formal meal–but these thoughtful snacks, made with love, are designed to meet dad exactly where he is–whether that’s tinkering in a garage, tucking into a long, historical novel, pacing in front of a television or something else altogether. Its food made with love, for wherever Father’s Day takes you.

Pretzel Bites; Last-Minute Father’s Day Meal by Casa de Suna

Soft Pretzel Bites

Say goodbye to the notion that you can only get yourself a delicious soft pretzel on the streets of New York! We’re bringing them straight into your home–and we’re going to say it: they’re better than any we’ve ever been served from a street cart. These bites are salty and delicious, made even more perfect with a dip into some Dijon (so don’t forget to stock up)!

Russet Potato Chips with Cornichon Dip; Last-Minute Father’s Day Meal by Casa de Suna

Russet Potato Chips with Cornichon Dip

Another fantastic choice for seriously treating the dad in your life without requiring him to sit down for a formal meal (especially for those among us who have fathers or father figures that are happiest when pacing back and forth in front of a television). It only takes an hour to throw together everything you need to fry up these picture perfect and flavor-packed chips. We’d consider making extra.

Caramelized Shallot Dip; Last-Minute Father’s Day Meal by Casa de Suna

Caramelized Shallot Dip

Looking for something to elevate your potato chip and soft pretzel bite game? This caramelized shallot dip is about to be your new culinary BFF. We kept things light, swapping sour cream for Greek yogurt, and the shallots make these flavors milder and sweeter than your typical French onion dip. Serve them with the potato chips but pop some endive and crudité on the platter for an additional healthy kick.

Halloumi Peach Skewers; Last-Minute Father’s Day Meal by Casa de Suna

Grilled Halloumi and Peach Skewers

It may be a cliché that dads love grilling, but in case it’s true for the man you’re celebrating this Father’s Day, we’d be remiss not to include a recipe that involved a grill. We bucked tradition by swapping out grilled meats for something vegetarian, but equally hearty and delicious–halloumi with peaches. Rubbed with a basil vinaigrette, these are the skewers you didn’t know you needed–they bring together all of summer’s finest flavors. And yes, let dad supervise if he insists.

Mango Ranch Water; Last-Minute Father’s Day Meal by Casa de Suna

Mango Ranch Water

It wouldn’t be a Casa de Suna recipe roundup without a delicious drink: and mango ranch water is an eternal go-to for us when we’re after something quick and crowd pleasing. It comes together in five minutes and the refreshing flavors complement our Sunday snack platter perfectly. Cheers!


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