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If you’ve been reading Casa de Suna for a while now, you know hosting is what we do, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’ve been ready and waiting to throw an epic Fourth of July celebration.

Even if you’re not in America, you can still throw a party to celebrate the high summer season. Read on to snag our top planning tips so you can feel prepared and excited for a party of your own–no matter where you are or whether you officially celebrate.

Start with the menu

Planning a party around a menu is key. What you’re eating determines a ton when it comes to how you host. Do your guests need to be seated to eat your menu? Can they stand? Would white tablecloths be a rapidly stained no-go? Are you grilling, meaning eating outside is the path of least resistance? These are all questions that your menu can help you answer.

Not sure where to start with that? We’ve got you covered. Simply follow our Fourth of July Recipe Roundup so we can answer all of those questions for you.

The main we’ve chosen (burnt-honey glazed ribs) is grill-centric, yes, but they need to be made in advance, so it’s not crucial to throw your party outside if you don’t have the space for it. In fact, everything on our menu can be batched and prepped in advance (which we recommend), so whether you eat under one roof, or al fresco remains up to you.

We also specifically included recipes that are easy to eat standing, so even if you don’t have a ton of space, you can make them work. Instead of having everyone sit down for a meal, we’d lay the table with a buffet of the foods we prepped and leave plates on the side, so our party guests can pick up a plate, select the food of their choice, and socialize even if your place is standing room-only.

Mix fashion and function with your linens

If you’re serving ribs, you’re going to want to shy away from more delicate linens to reduce post-party cleanup for yourself. Our Axlings burlap tablecloth is sturdy enough to withstand even the messiest of eaters–plus, it looks good.

Practical (but still gorgeous) tablecloth aside–we can’t help but have fun with our napkins, and Atelier Saucier’s dalmatian check napkins are a pitch-perfect patriotic go-to in this case; you could even style them with the rainbow hues of the Santa Fe for an epic mixed-and-matched look.

Decorate mindfully

You know we’re all about a candlelit ambiance when it comes to a seated dinner, but if your guests aren’t sitting for a full meal, candles can be a bit risky. That’s where florals come in. You’d be surprised how easy stunning florals are to arrange at home–and if you’re intimidated, fear not: we’ve created a guide to at-home floral arrangements that you can follow to the letter for blooms styled to perfection. Pick up a few of our favorite vases to ensure you have the right vessels for showing it all off.

And that’s all it takes! Once you’ve got the menu, the rest of the details work themselves out. Just don’t forget to throw on a cute apron to save your outfit from stains during the rib prep. Happy Fourth!

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