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Welcome to our latest series, Behind the Heat with Casa Picosa, where we dive into the routines of our community and explore how they find balance and inspiration in their daily lives.

We’re thrilled to chat with Erika Veurink about her favorite summertime traditions, home inspirations, and entertaining tips. From her beloved book collection to her go-to summer dish, Erika shares how she makes the most of the season. Whether you’re looking for ideas to elevate your summer gatherings or simply curious about her daily life in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, this conversation is sure to inspire.

Casa de Suna x Erica Veurink interview

Question 01

What is your favorite summertime tradition?

Reading in the shade.

Question 02

Tell us a bit about your neighborhood - what does an ideal day look like for you?

I’m in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. An ideal day starts with a long lie in, a pilates class, and an afternoon movie at BAM before a dinner at Margot.

Question 03

What is your favorite part of your home? How do you make your house feel like a home?

My book collection makes me feel instantly calm. My house feels like a home because of the art my husband and I have collected on every available wall.

Question 04

As a professional ‘matchmaker’ of sorts, what are your tips for curating a guest list and creating exciting introductions at a party?

Make the point of connection clear, always follow up with an email, and ample chilled sparkling water is always a good idea.

Casa de Suna x Erica Veurink interview

Question 05

What is your favorite Casa Picosa flavor? How will you be cooking with it this summer?

My favorite flavor is Sweet Hally P, which I adore drizzled over eggs or cottage cheese.

Question 06

What are five things from the Casa de Suna shop that you’d love to add to your tablescape this season?

I love the Anastasio Home 512 Tray for its whimsical scalloping and marble-cutting craftsmanship. The Il Buco Vita Splatterware Basin is another favorite, thanks to its food-safe glaze and dishwasher-safe convenience, perfect for dinner parties. The Sophie Lou Jacobsen Handle Vase is a chic double-handed jug that’s perfect for everything from beverages to blooms. The Ferm Living Day Cloths are another must-have for their sustainable and stylish alternative to paper towels. I love how each cloth celebrates a different day of the week. Lastly, the Ferm Living Salad Servers, with their organic ash wood design and sculpted details, add an artistic touch to any tablescape.

Casa de Suna x Erica Veurink interview

Question 07

What is inspiring you these days? An ingredient, an artist, a destination, something you’ve recently learned, anything…

I’m quite inspired by Clare de Boer’s Substack, though cooking isn’t my specialty, it’s very beautiful and her writing is great.

Question 08

What’s your go-to summer dish that always impresses your guests?

I love a fig cake for dessert with freshly whipped cream.

Casa de Suna x Erica Veurink interview
Casa de Suna x Erica Veurink interview

Question 09

Which book, movie, or song best encapsulates the spirit of summer for you?

The Garden of Eden by Hemingway and Lykee Li on repeat.

Question 10

Favorite flowers for a tablescape?

Peonies with their stems trimmed all the way off are my favorite of the moment.

If you missed our previous interview with the equally inspiring Rachel Schwartzmann, be sure to check it out. Stay tuned for more exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at how these incredible women make everyday moments special.

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