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If there’s one holiday that warrants a brunch, it’s Easter.

It always falls on a Sunday, which means a dinner that runs well into the night is out of the question for most families. But Easter brunch is the type of event that seems great in theory but can feel intimidating in practice. That’s why, this year, we decided to tackle it head-on, and walk you through all of our tips for hosting with style and ease.

Lean into the pastels

It’s Easter, which means pastel colors are an absolute go. There’s no better holiday for leaning into your most delicate decor instincts and turning your tablescape into a pastel paradise.

For this, there’s no better brand than Atelier Saucier. We’d go for the gorgeous, sunset-hued Santa Fe Napkins for dinner, but we’d lay out the blush linen cocktail napkins beforehand for pre-brunch drinks (yes, those are happening–we’ll get there). We’d go all in and pair these linens with a blush tablecloth too–we have the perfect option from Hawkins New York in the shop.

As far as plates go, Revol’s collection is colorful but understated–the Nutmeg hue of their Caractère dinner plates will offset the pastel pink perfectly. And for the ultimate Easter forward-touch, outfit the rest of your table with pieces from Ferm Living’s flow collection, the yellow speckle hue in particular: we’d pop some flowers in the Flow Jug and have that serve as the centerpiece, and provide each guest with a small bowl (in which we’d serve our soupe au pistou–we walk you through an entire Easter menu in our recipe roundup). And because we can never resist a good candle, we’d pop The Floral Society ribbed pillars on the table, too–in both Petal and Clay (don’t forget to store them on a ceramic plate).

Bring the outside in

Cocktail hours are typically the reserve of evening affairs, but they’re the perfect way to get your guests ready to settle in for a long and lively meal. So, we love the idea of welcoming guests with a cocktail (we shared our Easter pick in our recipe round-up).

Give kids something to do

Easter is a family holiday, which means kids are often involved (in fact, we’ve written you a list of tips for keeping Easter decor chic, even when you have little ones around), so we always like to make sure they have something to do. Our preferred activity, especially if they’re over ten: baking. Our carrot-parsnip cake with rosemary is fun to prepare –and you’ll benefit from their handiwork when you get to enjoy them at the end of the meal.


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