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Brand Spotlight: Carola fra i Trulli

Brand Spotlight: Carola fra i Trulli

Carola fra i Trulli founder Carola Altamura grew up between the fashionable cityscape of Milan and the coastal paradise of Puglia, and she has carried the essence of both in every career move she’s made throughout her life.

Trained as an Interiors Architect, her mission is to create spaces that feel both comfortable and chic (a mission that we personally share). In 2015, Altamura leveraged her passions to open the Trulli La Pietraia; a transformation of her family’s home into a gorgeous Italian retreat.

For those who are unable to make it to the Italian countryside to experience the full spectrum of Altamura’s aesthetic sensibilities, there is Carola Fra i Trulli, a line of candles inspired by her love of fragrance, which scent the halls of La Pietraia.

Each ceramic candle (or trulli) is created using natural materials, from soy wax to raw linen to recycled cardboard. The trulli are fashioned by master ceramicist Franco Fasano, who employs the Apullian dripping technique, often referred to as macchiato, and come in a variety of vibrant colors, although each one shares the same signature scent: fig leaves. Inspired by the natural aromas of Trulli La Pietraia itself, every candle Altamura creates evokes a Mediterranean summer breeze.

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