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Dry January.

It’s a concept we’re probably all familiar with, but, if not, it’s the concept of going “dry” as in, drinking no alcohol whatsoever, for the entire month of January. Whether you’re an old pro or you can’t conceive of it, we’re not judging – but if you’re interested in learning more no matter what, you’ve come to the right place.

Non-alcoholic cocktails are having a moment, and Lily Geiger, founder of Figlia, is at the forefront. We tapped her for tips on how to give staying dry a try–and got some fabulous brand-building insight in the process.

Question 01

Let’s start at the beginning. What made you want to found Figlia?

Two reasons. First, my family history: I grew up with an alcoholic parent, who passed away from alcoholism. So, I’ve always been super-aware of the non-alcoholic options at any given restaurant or event, and how juvenile they felt. You don’t want to be the person at the party that’s drinking a soda while everyone else is drinking a gorgeous glass of wine. It can separate you from the conversation and even make you feel separated from the community.

Then, like a lot of other people, I used 2020 as a time to re-evaluate my drinking habits. My roommate and I would drink a few nights a week and I’d always wake up feeling groggy and not great.

Question 02

How did Figlia specifically come about?

I wanted to create an option that felt sophisticated and easy. I loved the idea of creating an aperitivo that wasn’t too heavy, that you could easily mix with whatever you had in your house. I wanted to give something people to look forward to at the end of the day that felt exciting and fun without the side effects of waking up with a hangover. It looks like a drink, it tastes like a drink, but it just so happens to be alcohol-free.

Figlia Founder Lily Geiger’s Guide to Dry January

Question 03

How has your relationship with drinking shifted since you founded Figlia, and how do you recommend someone else gets started?

My relationship with drinking has shifted a ton. Between Figlia and all of the other non-alcoholic options out there, I very rarely drink spirits anymore. The one thing I still enjoy every once in a while is a glass of wine on a weekend evening.

In terms of getting started, a lot of people find it helpful to start by cutting out drinking during the week. The longer you go without it, the more you’ll realize how great you feel.

Question 04

How do I deal with other people who want me to drink?

I’d say own it! There’s no need to be defensive or come up with a million reasons why you aren’t drinking. Let your friends know you aren’t judging them for not drinking, but that you’re just taking a break to see how you feel.

Also, pick up a bunch of great options and create mocktails for your friends to try. In addition to Figlia, I’m a big fan of Seedlip, which is intended to replace spirits. Plus, educate them on the benefits. Everyone is different, but I lost weight, slept better, felt my skin clear up and my mind sharpen. It’s hard to argue with that!

Figlia Founder Lily Geiger’s Guide to Dry January

Question 05

Can you leave us with your favorite way to prepare Figlia?

I know there are a lot of Canadian readers dealing with cold weather right now, so one of my favorite wintertime options is actually a mulled Figlia. Pour the Figlia into a saucepan with cinnamon sticks, honey, and orange slices and simmer on the stove before pouring into a mug.

In the summer–or if you’re in warmer weather–simply enjoy it with sparkling water and a wedge of any citrus. Figlia also comes in spritz form, which you can drink directly out of the can.

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