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When it comes to giving the perfect wedding gift, many prefer to default to a bridal registry to make sure their wedding gift is something the bride and groom need.

Recently, however, we’ve been tempted to venture away from the sea of stand mixers and basic bone china in favor of something that feels truly thoughtful and creative. Similarly inclined to branch out and give an inspired gift? You’ve come to the right place. Below, find our curated selection of off-registry bridal gifts for every type of couple. 

For the Couple that Loves a Good Time

There’s nothing more celebratory than champagne, the cornerstone of all the most exuberant wedding events. To a newlywed couple, just a sip of bubbly is enough to bring back memories of the best night of their lives. So, why not treat them to an ice bucket alongside a unique pair of colored flutes. They’ll think of you every time they toast to their special night.

For the Amateur Chefs

It’s not uncommon for a couple to fill up their registry with various pots and pans. But we highly doubt anything they’ve asked for can compete with what French manufacturer Cristel has to offer. This 8-piece cookware set features a frying pan, a sauté pan, a stewpan, lids, and – wait for it – detachable handles, so you can remove the handles to transform the cookware into table-ready serveware. It’s perfect for newlyweds moving into a new home, a couple that’s just gotten into cooking, or anyone looking for a kitchen upgrade.

For the Intrepid Couple

If you’re celebrating the love of a couple that loves to travel, activate their wanderlust by gifting them a handcrafted piece from abroad. This bowl from Il Buco Vita is made in Italian at a bottega run by three generations of ceramicists. This bowl is beautiful enough to serve as a statement piece on its own, but it’s certainly perfect for pasta too.

For the Homebodies

Friends with a couple that might feel content sitting on their couch forever? We feel that. Help keep their adobe both cozy and chic with three pieces guaranteed to level up a lazy Sunday. A mug from Casafina’s collection will elevate their herbal tea game, and an Ordinary Habit puzzle will lend an artistic dimension to the peace and quiet. For days where they’re feeling a little more dexterous, ensure they’re stocked with an Aurosi backgammon set. Day in, done.

For the Aesthetes

We all know this couple; they always look amazing, their home always looks amazing, and they have, well, everything. But we doubt even they’ve gotten their hands on these handmade linen placemat covers and their sturdy wooden inserts, crafted by a best friend duo out of Milan for their tableware line Once Milano. Top it off with a gorgeous but easy-to-maintain waxed linen tablecloth, and they’ll be set for life.

Gone off-registry with an unconventional but exciting gift for the newlyweds in your life? Be sure to tag us on social media using #casadesuna.

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