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You may have seen Carola Fra i Trulli candles on Instagram–but also, you may not have.

Carola Altamura, the founder of the semi-eponymous candle brand only makes a few batches of her famous fig candles at a time. But we promise, they’re worth the wait.

Altamura is an architect, so it’s no surprise her vessels pay homage to an Italian architectural structure specifically native to Puglia: the trulli, defined as a “traditional dry stone hut with a combed roof.” Each candle is housed in its own trullo, hand-painted by local artisans using a traditional Italian dripping technique. And that’s before we even mention the scent. The signature fig scent, Foglie di Fico, is a warm, lush fig that’s evocative of the Southern Italian region where it’s hand-poured.

Burn with intention

There’s something about waiting for a specific, special moment to light a candle. We all wait until Christmas to break out the Frasier fir scents, so why not choose a specific, special occasion to light your Carola? It doesn’t have to be rare –it could be as simple as deciding that every night after you’ve finished work and dinner, you’re going to light the candle and read. That way, every time you burn it, you’ll associate it with curling up on the couch with a good book.

Carola Fra i Trulli Candles on the Casa de Suna Shop

Scent an experience:

If you want to go even bigger, why not throw a party – whether indoor or outdoor – specifically scented with these candles? Littering them (safely!) throughout your party space will have everyone wanting their own.

Carola Fra i Trulli Candles on the Casa de Suna Shop


As the founder of a small-batch company and an architect with an appreciation for raw materials, Carola is mindful of sustainability, too. Each candle is shipped in recycled cardboard, and poured with soy wax. They’re also not tested on animals and contain no animal or GMO components.

Most importantly, the holders are ceramic and reusable – you can either order a candle refill in a scent of your choice (in addition to fig, there’s wild rose, juniper berry, and oak wood), or you can use it for something else. We’ve shared a number of our favorite ways to repurpose candles on the site before, but our favorite way to pay homage to a structure as beautiful as this is to fill it with dried flowers–we’d recommend lavender–to maintain the aromatic theme.


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