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Brand Spotlight: Axlings

In 1992, Frederick Axling decided to turn his love of linen into his line of work.

The result was Axlings, a Swedish-made linens line that utilizes flax, an ancient fiber, to create products with a contemporary look and an organic feel.

Flax, which grows in wet climates, has a unique and careful harvesting process, and Axlings aims to keep the material as close to nature as possible by bringing it to their studio for weaving almost as soon as the harvest is complete.

Axling states that he was–and is–inspired “by nature..and from all ideas and solutions that benefit sustainable living.” In terms of personal life advice? He once told an online magazine that the most important lesson he’s learned is to “follow your heart. Cherish and respect your planet. Go for quality.”

When you shop Axlings, you can rest assured you’re ticking the box on all three.

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