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Here at Casa de Suna, we count cooking and entertaining as two of our fortes, and it was only a matter of time until we created a product you could use for both.

As a family lucky enough to live in beautiful Barbados, we’ve always been inspired by the carefree Caribbean culture – and the wonderfully tropical kick of the cuisine. That’s why we’ve spent the past two years working to bottle that island essence for you, by crafting a line of hot sauces that feels just as at home dotted atop a dinner-for-one as it does as the culinary centerpiece of a raucous alfresco dinner party. It’s always been our mission to bring joy and flavor to everyday experiences, and we hope this new line, Casa Picosa, does just that for you.

We’ve crafted four different flavors, each designed to suit a different spice palate.

Piña Chil’ada

It’s the sweetest of the bunch, leveraging pineapple to bring a tropical twist to the scotch bonnet pepper sauce.

Pair Piña Chil’ada with: any and all pork dishes and a crisp glass of white wine – but you can’t go wrong.

Has Me Sweatin'

This is the perfect pick for the spice-seeking daredevil in your life, with its emphasis on the ever-mighty Carolina reaper pepper

Pair Has Me Sweatin’ with: drizzle on crispy french fries and serve with a perfect martini for between-bite palate cleansing.

So Pepper

So Pepper leverages West Indian hot pepper and mustard to bring Bajan flair to whatever you’re serving.

Pair So Pepper with: we love using it to lend an epic kick to curries (try our coconut dal).

Sweet Hally P

Sweet Hally P is our mildest option, but – fear not! – it still packs a flavorful punch, thanks to it’s salsa verde style mixture of jalapeno, garlic, lime, and, of course, chadon beni (which is how we commonly refer to cilantro/coriander in the Carribean)

Pair Sweet Hally P with: a breakfast bowl or drizzled on top of tacos.

Plus, if you’re ever in search of the perfect gift: Casa Picosa has you covered. From the holidays to housewarming, you cannot go wrong with our set of four sauces – guaranteed to add spice, and depth of flavor to whatever meal you’re making.

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