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It seems like every season there’s a new superfood or spa treatment or revived ancient healing herb that is the end-all-be-all of wellness trends.

While kale and cryotherapy are still some of our favorites, they’ve seemed to lose a lot of their hype. And with a myriad of wellness trends constantly flooding all of our Instagram accounts, it can be hard to decipher what’s worth the investment. Here, we’re breaking down our tried-and-true wellness trends at all price points. 

Splurge: The Weighted Comforter 

According to the Sleep Foundation, weighted blankets can help sleepers reduce stress and promote calm while improving the quality of their sleep. We’ve loved weighted blankets for years. So, we knew we had to try the first high-quality, comfort-first weighted comforter. (And, it did not disappoint.) Plus, it’s much easier to make the bed with this weighted comforter as opposed to moving our weighted blanket on and off every day. 

SAVE: The Dry Brush

Dry brushing is such an affordable and easy way to practice self-care on a daily basis. It’s a centuries-old, pre-bathing ritual that was believed to have first been used in ancient Greece. Dry brushing’s main benefit is full-body detoxing. It helps to drain the lymphatic system, releasing toxins in tandem. Dry brushing also exfoliates for brighter, firmer skin, and has been said to reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

SPLURGE: The Infrared Blanket

Ok, bear with us on this one. While it may sound like just another Instagram trend, we’ve loved infrared saunas for years. But, it’s always expensive and inconvenient to go to a spa or wellness center for a quick session. Infrared light has been said to detoxify the body, relax the mind, boost your mood, and promote glowing skin. Plus, it’s always a warm, cozy experience. And, now, you can get these rejuvenating benefits right from the comfort of your home with this blanket. If you need help justifying this splurge, think of it this way: It’s still more affordable than buying endless packages at your local boutique spa. 

SAVE: The Journal 

This one is just about as tried-and-true as they come. Journaling is one of the most affordable and effective self-care acts that you can do anywhere, anytime. And, it’s great for all ages. Journaling has been shown to boost mindfulness, memory, and increase your communication skills. Studies show it can even lead to better sleep, stronger immune systems, and more self-confidence. If you’re new to journaling, we love starting with a guided journal. 

SPLURGE: The Theragun 

Chances are, you’ve seen the Theragun everywhere these days. It’s quickly become a fan-favorite (and for good reason). It’s a percussive therapy device developed by a chiropractor. And while yes, you can get relief for soreness, aches, and pains from a massage, the Theragun is our favorite (and more efficient) tool. It offers a deep muscle treatment that helps you easily care for your body on a daily basis. 


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