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By the time Labor Day rolls around, at the tail-end of summer, it’s likely that you have a good number of barbecues, clambakes, and alfresco summer dinners under your belt.

And we totally get it if you’re tired of cooking up a storm–but we’re here to convince you that it’s worth it. Labor Day is the last “official” weekend of summer, and there’s no better way to honor the season than by preparing a few summer-ready recipes crafted by our culinary team. Below, we’ve prepared a recipe roundup for finishing summer’s final days on the most delicious note possible.

Fig and Cocoa Nib Granola Recipe by Casa de Suna

Breakfast: Fig and Cacao Nib Granola

Whether you’ve gathered with a group at a beach house or are enjoying a solo staycation, there’s nothing more indulgent than spending time preparing the perfect breakfast. And we can hardly think of a more perfect treat than our fig and cacao nib granola, topped off with a handful of blueberries. Bonus points if you pick them yourself.

Homemade Lobster Rolls Recipes by Casa de Suna

Lunch: Lobster Rolls with Homemade Mayonnaise

You don’t have to spend your long weekend on a blustery beach in New England to enjoy a lobster roll (although we absolutely endorse those plans, if you can make it work). Our take on the summer classic highlights the lobster meat–they’re dusted with such a subtle coating of mayonnaise, you hardly notice it–so the higher-quality your fishmonger can offer you, the better. These are best enjoyed in a lightly toasted brioche bun–and, if you’re feeling like treating yourself–with a glass of rosé or even an ice-cold beer.

Easiest Everyday Salad by Casa de Suna

Dinner Appetizer: Easiest Everyday Salad

If you are having guests over, and they’re eager to help (pro tip for guests: always, always offer to help), tasking them with the easiest everyday salad is a foolproof way to make them feel useful. It’s so easy to assemble, even little ones can help out. The zippy but creamy tahini-based dressing makes it a beautiful entree no matter what you serve next.

Saucy BBQ Chicken

Dinner Entree: Saucy BBQ Chicken

Speaking of what to serve next, our saucy BBQ chicken is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. If you have a grill, this comes together in minutes. The marinade is so delicious, we promise it’ll change the way even a skeptic thinks about chicken. Grilling will give you the best results here, but if you don’t have a grill, there’s always a way to make it work: try making the marinade, brushing the chicken, and baking it instead–it’ll still yield a sticky, delicious, and flavorsome result.

Cocktails: Pitcher Palomas

Is it just us, or are Palomas everywhere lately? While they’re growing in ubiquity on menus across the country, we have to admit we’ve tried a number of them and still think our recipe is the best. Plus, we can’t think of anything we’d rather pair with barbecue. Cheers!

Peach Ginger and Pistachio Galette by Casa de Suna

Dessert: Peach, Ginger and Pistachio Galette

It wouldn’t be a summer dinner without a fruit-based dessert. But, instead of the typical pie-forward fare, we recommend going for a galette. It might look beautiful and sophisticated but it’s not as hard as you think. Plus, once everyone you serve this to takes a bite and taste the homemade frangipane, it’ll be clear that all efforts are worth it.


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