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Let’s start by stating the obvious: colder weather means a number of fabulous things, and one distinctly not-so-fabulous one: ‘tis the season to get sick.

If the past year and a half has taught us anything, it’s that taking care of our health should be our number one priority. And while we are proponents of the obvious scientific and medical measures (vaccines and antibiotics, to name a few) you can take to protect yourself from illness, we’re also big fans of taking a holistic approach to immunity. Over the years, we’ve tapped into a few powerful preventative measures that help stave off sickness; read on and get ready to shake up your medicine cabinet.

As always, please discuss with your doctor before taking any recommendations.


Oil of Oregano + Grapefruit Seed Extract

One of our favorite under-the-radar supplements to take throughout the winter is oil of oregano. It’s available in capsule form, but we highly recommend the (admittedly very powerful) tincture–just make sure you buy edible oil, not essential oil, as it does come in both forms. While you may have previously only been acquainted with the spice in the context of your childhood pizza parlor, oregano is a hugely powerful herb. According to Healthline, oregano oil is a natural antibiotic, antifungal, and antioxidant 4x more potent than blueberries, which are widely considered an antioxidant powerhouse. At the first sign of a cold, or even preventatively if someone close to you has come down with one, begin taking oregano oil daily for two weeks (exceeding two weeks of continuous use is not recommended), and watch your symptoms fade. For those who can’t stand the taste, grapefruit seed extract is said to share similar benefits.

C+F Seasonal Support

For those looking to pack an efficient punch, we’re a huge fan of Woodstock Herbal Products’ famously potent C+F (yes, that stands for Cold + Flu) seasonal remedy. A blend of over twenty herbs, spices, and oils, C+F has been known to combat colds at their very first sign.

Bath, Body, and Home

Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath

Our all-time favorite immunity hack is adapted from an old favorite, courtesy of our friends across the pond: the hot bath. Sweating it out in a hot bath for twenty minutes feels good enough alone; add Dr. Singha’s famous mustard bath to the mix and it’s almost a workout. And trust us, you’ll reap the benefits. Get the tub as hot as you can stand it, pour in one to two scoops of the mustard bath (or the entire sachet, if you’re using the packs), and soak for fifteen to twenty minutes. Somewhat similar to a sauna (and, for those who can afford it, we absolutely recommend investing in a sauna blanket), the bath purportedly helps with toxin elimination, making it fantastic for both immunity and healthy skin. Win, win!

Botanical Balms

Waking up early on a dark winter morning is never the easiest, but 3rd Ritual’s SUN balm certainly helps the cause. The eucalyptus, lemongrass, and ginger blend is made specifically for palm inhalation, so we keep this by our bedside, rub it onto our palms, and take three deep breaths before starting our days, both to keep us energized and to help prevent the most dread of winter ailments: sinus congestion. For when you do come down with a stuffy nose, Banyan Botanicals makes an excellent and effective natural alternative to Vics VapoRub.


We’ve spoken about our love for diffusers before, and winter is one of our favorite times to waft beneficial blends. Young Living’s Thieves has become iconic—now used in their home cleaning products, hand sanitizers, and more—and with good reason; it smells fantastic, cleanses the home, and has been anecdotally shown to support your immune system.


Bone Broth

Our absolute go-to when we’re not feeling well is bone broth. According to our preferred brand, Brodo, bone broth’s concentration of glutamine helps seal holes within the digestive tract, optimizing gut health, while the gelatin helps with nutrient absorption; all crucial in maintaining overall wellness. Squeeze a little lemon and grate some raw garlic into yours for an added boost, and we promise you’ll breeze through the season symptom-free.


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