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When we saw that our favorite astrologer, Alice Bell, had released a book (available to North American customer) on astrology and relationships, we knew we had to call her up for a chat.

When Alice told us how she used her Saturn return and Mars retrograde to help her get her book done last fall, we had to hear more about how we could all use the stars to our advantage this season.

Question 01

Alice, we loved your book and we love your astrological advice. Can you tell us what’s in store for fall 2023?

Well, Venus retrograde wraps up on September 3rd–it’s been retrograde since July 22nd. Venus is the planet of love, so coming out of that retrograde may bring you more clarity in an area of your life related to romance or friendship–or even finances, since Venus is connected to money and finances, too.

You may have also heard from someone you thought you’d left in your past, in a way that brought you closure.

Late summer and early fall brings a Mercury retrograde as well. That’ll go on from August 23rd to September 14th. This Mercury retrograde is in Virgo so you may feel inspired to restructure your routine. You may start thinking about how to get better organized and determining what tasks are worth your time and energy. Virgo, Gemini, and other mutable signs (meaning Sagittarius and Pisces) may feel this one a bit more than others.

In general, the energy will start to lift, and things will begin feeling lighter and easier as we approach early September.

Question 02

What’s the biggest astrological event this fall and how can we prepare?

The biggest events of this fall are the eclipses. There’s a solar eclipse in Libra on October 14th. This is the first major eclipse we’ve had in Libra, kicking off a cycle that will continue throughout 2024. If you have Libra placements anywhere in your chart, you can expect some bigger life changes to happen during this time. This eclipse is part of the Aries-Libra eclipse cycle, so Aries placements may feel this as well.

After the Libra eclipse on the 14th, we have a final Taurus lunar eclipse on October 28th. This closes out the previous Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle we’ve been in since 2021. Take a look at what house you have Taurus in your chart–this eclipse is going to represent the closing of that chapter. Don’t be scared! There’s an optimistic energy and an excitement for what’s next here.

Question 03

How do we feel lunar and solar eclipses differently? What’s the energy attached to each?

A lunar eclipse typically represents heightened activity and making changes. A solar eclipse is more so the closing of a chapter–and, in certain cases, a bit of uncertainty around what’s next in life.

Question 04

Any “hard no’s” for retrograde and eclipse season?

In general, I don’t recommend anyone plans their life around astrology, but it can be so valuable to use as a guide. Eclipse season is great for change, so there’s not much I would say no to during that time–in fact, it’s a great time to say yes. For retrogrades, especially a Venus retrograde, I usually try to avoid doing anything impulsively. But astrology should–and can–enhance your life, not restrict it.

Question 05

What’s the general, astrological vibe for 2024?

Creativity. Saturn is in Pisces, Jupiter is meeting up with Uranus in Taurus, I think we’re going to see artistic innovation in certain fields and drastic changes in technology.

Question 06

Outside of sun, moon, and rising, what are some other astrological placements you think everyone should know?

The inner planets–Venus, Mars, Mercury–are all important to know about. And if you want to go deeper with your Sun and Moon signs, look at what house they’re placed in in your chart.

Question 07

You’ve done so many amazing things this year. What’s next?

I’m launching a podcast on September 25th and working on my Substack.

That’s all for this (astrological) season! If you loved what you read today, be sure to check out Alice on instagram @stalkalice.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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