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When we think about entertaining, food and tablescapes might be the first thing that come to mind, but that doesn’t mean the special touches don’t matter to us too.

In fact, we’d argue that a dinner party–or even a casual hang-out session with friends–is incomplete without the perfect playlist. That’s why we’ve worked to create a playlist for every entertaining occasion (and multiple different types of guests) to keep your parties lively and vibrant well into the wee hours. And in order to really up the ambiance, we’re also recommending a candle to burn for every occasion.

For when you’re throwing a dinner party

Our go-to dinner party playlist features tunes that will enhance, not distract from the delicious meal at hand.

Playlist Link: Dinner Party​​
Candle pick: DS & Durga’s Tomb of the Eagles. A guaranteed conversation starter.

Hanging out with friends at home

Using our tips to host a weeknight or impromptu dinner party with a more casual feel than a tablescaped dinner? This playlist is the perfect fit.

Playlist link: Hanging Out at Home
Candle pick: DS & Durga Portable Fireplace. You may not have had time (or a fireplace) in which to build a fire before your guests showed up, but this’ll set the ambiance in the same way.

Having the in-laws over

Want to impress the in-laws (or any older friends or relatives) with a mix of mellow, newer songs and fun, catchy oldies? You guessed it: we have a playlist for that.

Playlist link: Having The In-laws Over
Candle pick: Carola Fra i Trulli. And pick up an extra vessel for them. You know they’ll be ooh-ing and aah-ing over it.

For when you’re having a party-party

You know. Dancing and all. This is the music that will keep your guests energized into the early morning hours.

Playlist link: Party-Party
Candle pick: DS & Durga Concrete After Lightning. Lightning in a bottle!

For boosting your mood

A final reminder from us: you don’t always need to be hosting a party to indulge in some fabulous music. Here’s our personal favorite playlist for boosting your mood – whether that’s before a big event or when you’re simply hanging out at home.

Playlist link: Boosting Your Mood
Candle pick: The Breakfast Pantry Palo Santo. Because nothing boosts a mood like an aromatherapeutic palo santo hit.

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