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Now that life is back to normal, you may be finding it harder to carve out time to spontaneously spend with friends.

From rescheduled weddings to all of the trips we’ve been waiting years to take, we hardly find ourselves with a free weekend anymore. And while we love the picked-up pace, we still want to ensure we’re making time for our nearest and dearest closer to home. Our solution? Weeknight entertaining. Whether you’re hosting on a Wednesday to overcome the mid-week slump or brightening up a Monday by putting on a party, we have the tips you need to make weeknight entertaining as easy as possible, even if you’re back to working an in-office job. Cheers!

Pre-mix Cocktails

Here at Casa de Suna, flawless can also mean frictionless. You don’t have to spend your entire evening hand-mixing cocktails for each of your friends. Once you’ve determined your party size, decide whether you want to serve cocktails or wine. If you opt for cocktails–which are always a fun way to add a bit of flair to a weekday evening–our Pitcher Palomas take just fifteen minutes to make, plus they can be made in advance and simply poured into individual glasses once the guests arrive.

Outsource the Food

While we believe fully and deeply in the merits of a carefully planned, thoughtfully cooked dinner party, we also believe there’s a time and a place for those. And if you’re planning a casual weeknight get-together, you may not have the luxury of spending your day at the stove. Ask your guests what their favorite dishes to eat are, then do some research on the restaurants in your area that offer them. That way, each of your guests is getting to eat something that they love, and there’s no pressure on you to cook it up. Even better? They may introduce you to dishes you’d never have thought to try, which you can then recreate at home for the next time you have time to really prep for a party.

Focus on the Ambiance

So, your cocktails are batched, your food is ordered. What do you need to do? Well, focus on the ambiance, of course. And, lucky for you, that’s another area in which we’ve got you covered. Start with the tablecloth. Once Milano’s is our weeknight pick: the navy trim keeps things elegant, while the waxed linen is effortless to clean. Pair it with the pale pink-trimmed waterproof linen placemats, which complement the tablecloth without feeling too matchy. When it comes to napkins, you can always count on Axlings; their green Melerad napkins will tie things together seamlessly.  

For plates that go perfectly with this setup, try Revol’s white cumulus Caractère dinner plates, which will take your takeout to the next level. When it comes to drinks, your Palomas will look extra-pretty in Caskata’s Citrine Quinn tumblers. And, finally, for your flatware: Mepra’s gold brushed set is both playful and refined–just like your evening will be.

Plan Entertainment

Hosting at home on a weeknight doesn’t have to be stressful–in fact, it can be a great way to accomplish new goals. Have you ever wanted to learn backgammon (if you haven’t, our Aurosi sets might make you want to)? Hoping to expand your horizons and boost your knowledge by watching a foreign language TV show (our favorites: The Italian My Brilliant Friend, the French Lupin and Call My Agent, and the Spanish Elite)? Slotting those activities in as post-dinner entertainment will not only teach you something now, but also allow you to socialize in the process.


If you use any of these tips to host a fabulous weeknight soiree, tag us on social media using #casadesuna.

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