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We all have those days with friends and family that… well, just don’t end.

Since we’re firm believers that a little spontaneity makes for the most special memories, we always stay stocked up on a few impromptu essentials.

Keyword: essentials. On nights like these, we don’t just whip up a tablescape (hats off to anyone who can pull that off). Instead, we keep it simple.

Head to the Pantry

We like to call this one: Cabinet to Table. It’s when we pull out all of our stocked goods that have a great shelf life. We recommend keeping aged cheeses, like Asiago or Parmesan, on-hand for last-minute additions to salads or pasta. Speaking of pasta, simply pull out a box and whip up some cacio e pepe or make a quick sauce with stored tomato paste.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate.

In situations like these, it’s totally ok to outsource. Ask a friend to bring a bottle of wine, or put a guest on appetizer duty. (Yes, pretzels and hummus count.) Keep the mood light and get everyone involved.

Music Makes the Party

Head into the kitchen and crank the tunes. Luckily for you, our friends over at Grub Street ranked Spotify’s dinner playlists (based on vibes, mood, and songs). We believe you can’t go wrong with “Feel Good Dinner.” Total crowd-pleaser for all ages.


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