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During the summer, endless time outside means more than just a bronzed glow and an extra dose of Vitamin D.

It also offers endless opportunities for creativity when it comes to summertime soirees. Say goodbye to huddling up indoors and hello to our list of sophisticated but fun ways to celebrate in the sunshine.


If you have access to a beach, you need to throw a clambake. A centuries-old American tradition that we’ve adopted and made our own, clambakes are our favorite way to make the most of our summer shellfish.

What You’ll Need:

Traditional: While a clambake requires a bit of effort, it’s absolutely worth it. If you’re by the beach and going the traditional route, you’ll need to dig a hole in the ground, layer it with large stones, and light a fire on top. Then, bundle your shellfish of choice in a cheesecloth covered in seaweed, and let cook for a few hours–usually two. It’s easier than it sounds–it’s a centuries-old method for a reason.

Easy: No beach access, or no time for a two-hour fire? No problem. There’s no reason you can’t conduct a clambake in the comfort of your own backyard. Simply bake some potatoes, boil some corn, and use this simple steaming method on all of the clams and mussels of your choice. Don’t forget to serve with our homemade lobster rolls.

The Decor: Whether your clambake is on the beach or in your backyard, let the food serve as your centerpiece. Bring a long, folding table and cover it with a gingham tablecloth. For the ultimate New England aesthetic, lay fresh sheets of newspaper atop the tablecloth, and drop all of your corn, mussels, clams, and lobster rolls on top. Instagram-ready and delicious.

Outdoor Movie Night

If you’re looking to keep kids entertained for a number of hours on a summer night, an outdoor movie is the way to do it. But al fresco screenings aren’t just for little ones–there are plenty of ways to elevate the evening to make it both family-friendly and chic.

What You’ll Need:

The Decor: First, you’ll need a projector. There are a number of options on the market; some come in at under $100, while the HD-quality alternatives are a bigger investment. Once you’ve completed the technical setup, it’s time to set the scene. Set a bohemian vibe with handmade Moroccan-style pillows from Etsy, and don’t forget the beach blankets.

The Menu: Even if your screening is no-kids-allowed, play into the movie night theme by leaning into concession-stand snacks. To start, serve pizza, but be sure to stock up on popcorn served in these paper bags, glass-bottled Coke, and all of your favorite candies, to give the evening a fun, nostalgic touch.

Backyard Dinner Party

You don’t need to have a giant backyard to throw a fabulous summertime bash. Whether you’re working with a full-blown lawn or an apartment courtyard, our preferred party-setup doesn’t require a lot of space–but it will result in a ton of fun.

What You’ll Need

The Decor: The best backyard parties feel relaxed and impromptu; with a focus on the company and the cocktails, as opposed to a fancy tablescape. Drape two tables–one for food, one for cocktails–in eye-catching but complementary tablecloths. To keep the vibe extra relaxed, consider investing in a foldable picnic table that sits low to the ground, so you can seat guests on gorgeous outdoor throw pillows instead of chairs. As an extra touch, set out an elevated take on cornhole for guests to play with.

The Menu: For an outdoor, warm-weather party, finger foods that aren’t temperature-sensitive are the easiest to work with. Our favorite choice? Oysters. If you don’t have a local spot, you can order online from Hog Island Oyster Company–they deliver anywhere in the continental US. Serve them with champagne, chilled through the night in this chic bucket. Since oysters aren’t for everyone, be sure to supplement with summer treats like watermelon and feta skewers, and, of course, our big batch of our marinated chickpea and tomato salad.

When it comes to drinks, a deconstructed cocktail bar is a fun way to get guests involved. Come up with your signature cocktail–we recommend a margarita–and put out of all of the ingredients guests need to make one their own. Start with lime wedges, tequila (when in doubt, buy extra), Cointreau, and salt for the rim, and build from there, creating extra stations for spicy (jalapeno simple syrup, sliced jalapenos, and tajin) and flavored (ginger, grapefruit, and watermelon juice) varieties, and be sure to have a non-alcoholic spirit on hand for anyone who can’t (or doesn’t want to) drink.


If you’re inspired by any of these summer party ideas, tag your soirees on social media using #casadesuna.

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