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We’re well into our WFH days, and if there's no return to the office in sight, you probably want to upgrade your home office.

You’ve probably already secured your desk and monitor, and yet, you still feel distracted pretty much all of the time. Trust us, it’s normal. Here are a few hacks to make your home office more conducive to productivity and creative flow.

Create a space your enjoy

First and foremost, if you don’t enjoy your space, you’re always going to find excuses to leave it. You know, throwing in a load of laundry or looking in the fridge for the hundredth time. Small updates can make a big difference in your space. Start with a little piece of art or a cozy rug underfoot. And, remove all of the clutter.

Embrace being home

Celebrate all of the small things you can do because you’re not at the office. Light a candle, play music or white noise out loud, let your pet come play by your side. Oh, and wear leggings because your Zoom colleagues can’t see them. Let’s make the best of it.

Call it coworking

We know, not every home-worker has a space dedicated for their home office. And, many of us are sharing our spaces with roommates, family members, and even children. The key here is to think of it like coworking. Confine your house or apartment to a single workspace – like the kitchen table – and create designated call spaces. Try things like noise-canceling headphones or white noise to really get in your zone.

Set work-life boundaries

When you’re working and living in the same space, it’s hard to have any boundaries. Suddenly, we’re watching TV at night and working on our laptops. Try to set working hours and remember to take breaks. Go outside for a walk and get out of your home/office for a bit.


We want to know: what are your home-office hacks? Use #casadesuna to share with us on social media.

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