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If you haven’t heard of Human Design, we highly recommend you check out our article from last fall, where Human Design expert Erin Claire Jones helped us break down each design type and how they can organize their life for the best possible results.

But with summer on the horizon, we know not everyone has the time–or the desire–to overhaul everything. That’s why we decided to have another chat with Erin to get some super quick tips for optimizing your life based on your type, no full overhaul needed. Read on for what she had to say.

For Projectors…

Give yourself permission to do nothing. Projectors are obsessed with output, but being deliberately unproductive and spending a day working without an agenda can often lead to revelations. If you’re a projector and you’re still looking for what lights you up: stop obsessively looking, relax, and trust it will come to you.

For Manifesting Generators…

Have you done something recently that lit you up? Trust that gut feeling. Whatever the last thing was that you thoroughly enjoyed, carve out an hour or two regularly to do just that. You’re being pulled in that direction for a reason.

For Manifestors…

Lean into solitude and alone time. Manifestors often get bursts of inspiration from being by themselves. Though consistent productivity and momentum is temporary and energizing–and manifestors, as their type name suggests, are good at willing what they want into existence–alone time will help clarify what’s worth going after and what isn’t.

For Generators…

Much like Manifesting Generators, a Generator isn’t happy unless they’re regularly doing something they love. Generators benefit from even more frequent engagement in said activities than MGs, and Jones recommends they prioritize doing one thing they love–whether that’s as lofty a hobby as rock climbing or as simple as taking a walk to a local café for a morning cappuccino–every single day.

For Reflectors…

Spend time in a space you love. If you don’t have a space you love, create one. Reflectors amplify the energy that they’re around, so it’s incredibly important that the space they’re in has a good vibe.


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