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While there’s never a bad time to get organized, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Some of us may feel like we can turn things around in a day, while, for others, even mustering the energy to plan a personal overhaul is exhausting. And that all may be down to your Human Design type.

Never heard of Human Design? Allow us to fill you in. Human Design is a self-knowledge system that uses your birth details to map out a “body graph.” This body graph gives you a wealth of valuable information: from your Human Design type, to your ideal living environment, to how you manifest. Type is the most essential factor of your chart, but we highly recommend getting a full reading for additional insight. We spoke to Erin Claire Jones, a Human Design Guide and Leadership Coach, who helps individuals live their best lives based on their type, for her best advice on how to get organized according to your Human Design. There are five different Human Design types, each thrives in a different lifestyle. Below, we’ve broken down each, alongside specific tips for how to live – and organize – in alignment with your type.


Making up just 8% of the population, Manifestors are on this earth to make things happen. And as their name suggests: Manifestors rarely find it difficult to get what they want. Jones notes that the energy of Manifestors “ebbs and flows – they often work best in creative bursts. Manifestors can make things happen quickly,” and it can be difficult for them to structure projects and tasks into the confines of a traditional workday. A Manifestor getting organized would be best served by going all in. Manifestors, Jones says, should “full-on go for it.” So, for a Manifestor, getting organized might mean cleaning their entire house, top-to-bottom, and they’re absolutely capable of getting that done in a single day, which, for a Manifestor, may look like 12am-8am, not 9-5. Whenever a Manifestor is inspired, they’re guaranteed to get what they need to get done, done – so when inspiration strikes, they’re best served acting immediately. 

Human Design Organization Ideas

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Pure Generators & Manifesting Generators

Generators are a two-pronged type (there are “Pure Generators” and “Manifesting Generators”), making up 37% of the population. Generators are “builders,” capable of prolific output. With little risk of burnout, though, generators can often find themselves stuck in unfulfilling situations, just because they’re good at getting things done. Generators of both types do their best when they’re deeply satisfied. Pure Generators, Jones says, would benefit from a look inward, to figure out what parts of their life will feel fulfilling to organize before moving forward. “Generators should take inventory on what in their life feels most satisfying, and make sure to prioritize space for that excitement and satisfaction each day.” So, a Generator looking to get organized would benefit from identifying the areas of their life that bring them the most joy, and doubling down on cleaning things up there. Whether that’s investing in an email system because they thrive on inbox zero or cleaning a room in their home they love spending their evenings in, as long as it lights them up – they’ll conquer the task with ease. Like Pure Generators, Manifesting Generators are great at getting things done; but like Manifestors, they aren’t suited to a traditional approach to life. Manifesting Generators, Jones says “have the power to make things happen very quickly.” To thrive, Manifesting Generators “need the right support,” and they’d all benefit from letting go of the expectation that others will be able to keep up with them – which they won’t. So, a Manifesting Generator’s approach will be a bit of a hybrid of the first two: they need to make sure they’re excited by the project they’re taking on, then tackle it with speed and efficiency to avoid boredom. Say a Manifesting Generator is looking to level up their business by starting a podcast. The first step would be getting the right support in place – an assistant that works normal business hours, to answer emails as they come in – and the second would be to work when, and only when, they feel inspired.   


Unlike the first four types, Projectors, according to Jones, are not here to be “consistent doers, builders, or creators.” Projectors, she says, are “leaders, guides, advisors, and seekers.” Their energy ebbs and flows to a more extreme degree than the other types, and they require much more rest. A Projector getting organized must be wary of trying to tackle too much, as burnout comes easily–and leads to bitterness. Projectors need to mindfully carve out periods of space in their day in which to tackle projects bit-by-bit. “Projectors should consistently check in with their energy during any project, and avoid doing things back-to-back,” Jones, a Projector herself, advises. Projectors also require a significant amount of alone time, so they’re best left to themselves when tackling big projects or tasks. 


The last type, Reflectors, are the most rare, comprising just 1% of the population. Every Human Design chart measures energy centers, which, in most people, are open in certain areas and closed in others; in Reflectors, every single center is open. Reflectors are the ultimate chameleons; their open centers mean that they’re simply reflecting the energy of those in their environment back to them, instead of generating their own. Jones encourages Reflectors to pay careful attention to their space. “For Reflectors, my biggest reminder is to be in a space that feels good. Reflectors have a sensitivity to physical space; being in the right space provides the right flow.” Therefore, she says, Reflectors must “be ruthless curators of where they’re spending time, to make sure the people and places they surround themselves with uplift their life.” A Reflector looking to tackle a full organizational overhaul might benefit from spending time with a Manifestor for a short burst of inspiration, while one simply hoping to make small but impactful habit changes might feel more inspired in the company of a Projector. 

To learn more about Human Design, follow Erin HERE, and for 10% off a custom 55-Page Human Design Blueprint, use code CASADESUNA at checkout. 


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