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While we believe moms should be celebrated all year round, we do love that there’s a holiday specifically dedicated to paying homage.

Why? Because it’s the perfect excuse to shower the moms and mother figures in our lives with gifts — and show them just how much they mean to us. We’ve pulled together a curated edit of everything from our favorite Mother’s Day treats to the gestures that don’t cost a thing (but mean a ton). Oh, and, we couldn’t help but include some more extravagant options for discerning matriarchs.

Read on for our top picks. We guarantee you’ll come away inspired.

The Thoughts that Really Count

Our first option is free — but just as meaningful as the most extravagant gift. Invite Mom over to dinner and cook her favorite recipe. And — most importantly — seriously do not let her lend you a hand in the kitchen. We promise she’ll try.

If you live apart, coordinate a virtual visit. Find a good time for a video call. If you have siblings, make sure they’re available too. Bonus points if you make it a surprise group video chat by coordinating with your dad (or whoever lives with your mom) and having him hand her the phone to “look at something” only to see all of her children’s faces on the screen. It doesn’t cost a dime, but she’ll be talking about it for weeks.

If you have children, there’s nothing better than a hand-drawn or hand-written Happy Mother’s Day card. Be sure to drop it in the mailbox at least a week in advance to ensure it arrives on time.

For the Homebody

Got a mom that loves lounging — and also isn’t opposed to a twist on traditional home decor? Bring her back to the 70’s by gifting her two of these funky, shag-adjacent pillows. Pair it with this blanket and she’ll be all set up to cozy up on the couch for FaceTimes, or, if you’re lucky IRL chats, with you.

If she’s already set on blankets and throws, you can’t go wrong with an Ordinary Habit Puzzle, specifically designed by artist Manuja Waldia. Best mulled over with a cappuccino in a Revol crumpled cup.

For the Hostess

For the moms who love to play hostess, there’s no better Mother’s Day treat than upleveling their entire entertaining setup. Start strong by gifting our absolute favorite speckled jug. You can serve everything from evening G&Ts to daytime lemonade. Naturally, you’ll need to pair that with some gorgeous glasses so you can raise a toast to everything mom does.

This gorgeous geometric cutting board does double duty as an hors d’oeuvres tray, so it’s useful whether you’re chopping vegetables for one or plating cheese and charcuterie for an entire crew. There’s no one more efficient than the moms in our lives, and multipurpose products like these are the way to their heart.

Naturally, the final touch for anything she’s hosting is florals. Give her the gift of the perfect party piece by gifting this conversation-starting vase.

For the Mom-on-the-Go

If the mom in your life is neither a hostess nor a homebody, fear not: our final options speak to the free-spirited mothers among us — whether they’re regularly wanderlusting or simply always on-the-go.

For the times they can’t head out of the house on a great adventure, there’s DS&Durga, with evocative scents to remind them of their favorite road trip and help them ideate on where to travel next. And, for when they are on-the-go, these auto-fragrances are the easiest way to let them bring chic on the road.

And, because even the most active moms among us need their rest–a robe & slippers set from Hawkins New York are the ultimate pieces for a restorative day off.

Remember, while all of these gifts are equally fabulous (don’t forget) Moms should be celebrated every single day.


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