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Cozy fires. Festive cocktails. Endless entertaining. It’s no secret that, here at Casa de Suna, we loooove the holiday season.

But, we know this season isn’t all holly jolly and merriment. Let’s be real: the holidays can be stressful. Whether it’s your family dynamics, the pressure of giving gifts, the diet-busting parties, or just the sheer amount of plans, sometimes the most wonderful time of the year can feel anything but that.

Here are our favorite stress-survival strategies for this season.

Make a List (Check It Thrice)

Keep stress at bay by avoiding surprises. Prepare for impromptu entertaining (before your S.O. springs it on you). We recommend stocking the bar with all the basics: your go-to wine and spirits, festive napkins and cocktail accessories, and of course, a holiday cocktail recipe.

You can even make a big batch of cookie dough to keep in the freezer for quick-and-easy holiday treats.

Make Me-Time Merry

You don’t have to attend a party every weekend to make the most of December. Instead, embrace me-time. We recommend moving your body to relieve stress. Restorative yoga is shown to reduce stress (and, added bonus: it’s also good for digestion). Even something as simple as taking a walk can decrease anxiety and improve the quality of your sleep. Plus, the serotonin you get from being exposed to sunlight will do wonders for your mood.

Budgets: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

When in doubt, budget. Personal finances are one of the biggest causes of stress during the holiday season. So, start by crafting a plan and stick to it. Make a list of everyone on your gift list, and work backwards from there. Consider baking sweet treats as an affordable way to show your appreciation to people outside of your inner circle (think neighbors, mailmen, teachers, coworkers, and more). Or, perhaps make a small donation to a local charity in lieu of giving gifts this year. For your family and S.O., we recommend starting early and searching for deals online. Some of our favorite discount sites include: Rue La La, Gilt, the Outnet, and The Real Real.


We want to know: What are your go-to ways to stay sane during the holiday season? Share with us on social media @casadesuna.

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