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We get it: people are divided when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

And while the holiday can seem daunting, there are so many types of love to celebrate–in ways that go beyond dinner at a fancy restaurant.

One of our favorite things to do? Host a themed brunch. Here’s how we pull it together.

Don’t shy away from color

Why not use this opportunity to set a super vibrant table? We love pink and red together, and we’ve got lots of elevated table linens to help you achieve that look.

First, start with a tablecloth from Hawkins in a soft, subtle blush pink. It’s ideal for Valentine’s Day, but also more than versatile enough for daily use. From there, you can take things to the next level with our checkered napkins from Axlings. As far as plates and serveware go, Caskata’s cake pedestal and Ferm Living’s gorgeous liqueur glasses are hard to beat, especially when paired with a Casafina dinner set in marshmallow, their perfect pink-white hue. When it comes to batching up a V-day cocktail or mocktail, there’s no better vessel for serving than the Hawkins pitcher–in an on-theme blush.

Keep food simple–and fun

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a complicated food holiday. And when you’re hosting brunch, the simpler to eat (and prep, since you’ll be starting in the morning), the better.

We love making something that keeps well – our creamy mushroom pasta reheats nicely, and, as far as sides and snacks, you can’t go wrong with crudité and a pea dip. If you’re hosting earlier in the morning, our morning crisp is the perfect pick.

And, of course, when it comes to drinks, you’re going to want to stay on theme. You’d be hard-pressed to do better than our blush champagne cocktail, the perfect Valentine’s Day treat.

And, because you’ll want to show off your cake stand (or two), why not go for two desserts? Our plant-based hibiscus cacao cake is antioxidant-rich and gorgeous to boot. For a more indulgent option (that comes together surprisingly easily), we also love preparing our icebox cheesecake–just make sure you chill in advance.

Incorporate an activity

To us, Valentine’s Day isn’t just a romantic holiday–it’s also fun and nostalgic, calling to mind the days we spent as children making Valentine’s for our class. That’s why we love incorporating nostalgic holiday-themed activities into our brunches; in additions to puzzles and games, which we always like to have on hand for lingering guests–we also love leaning fully into theme and having DIY materials for making old-school Valentine’s on the table for when the meal is done.

Give away goody bags

At the end of the brunch, why not send guests away with Valentine’s-themed goodies? Conversation hearts, chocolate hearts, and a slice of cake (if there’s any leftover, that is), in a mini-favor box will leave your guests in a good mood, guaranteed–no matter how they feel about the holiday.


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