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We talk a lot about fall flavors, food-wise–but it’s time we turned our attention to an equally important piece of the fall palate puzzle: cocktails.

We’ve spent the past few years testing and perfecting some fantastic cocktails just for you–here’s a round-up of our favorite ones to enjoy in the fall.

Paper Plane

Paper planes are our favorite alternative to the sometimes too-sweet spritzes of summers past, and our version leverages Amaro to lend a special depth of flavor.

Mezcal Old Fashioned

To us, making a cocktail feel fall-ready is as simple as adding a bit of smoke, and mezcal is always the perfect spirit to pick when that’s the goal. Throw in a dash of bitters and an orange peel and you’ve basically got yourself a cup of autumn in a glass–pumpkin spice who?

Ashley Brooke’s Perfect Martini

Let’s be honest: martinis are great all year round–but there’s something extra-festive about an ice-cold glass on a cool evening–and when it comes to the best recipes and ratios around, Ashley Brooke knows what she’s doing.

Charred Lemon Hot Toddy

When it’s simply too cold for a cold drink? A hot toddy will always do. Garnished with star anise and cinnamon sticks, this drink is like an autumnal embrace in a glass.

Spicy Passion Fruit Cocktail

Did you know passion fruit season has two peaks, and one of them is between August and November? Yes, passion fruit is a fall flavor–and our spicy cocktail makes perfect use.


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