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Welcome back to Editor’s Picks!

Spring is here and we’re ready to jump headfirst into what Andy, Anna, and Coco are loving for this season. Read on for their favorite finds as of late!


CDS Product: I just got the Ferm Living Host Water and Wine glasses and am obsessed! I love that they feel classic but still fun.

Non-CDS Product: I’ve recently tried the Le Prunier SPF and I’m blown away! The formulation, scent, and texture is unmatched. It’s currently sold out in the full size, so I’ve been ordering the minis. Can’t wait for it to restock!

TV Show or Movie: I finally watched Past Lives and couldn’t recommend it more. It follows the story of two childhood friends that have grown apart but have an undeniable connection. It’s a wonderful story and so visually beautiful: 10/10!

Book: My current book obsession is actually a planner: I bought one from Cloth & Paper and I think I’m hooked for life! I love that it’s customizable; you can build your planner to be exactly the way you like it. Definitely feeling like I’ve leveled up my routine with this tool!

Recipe: I make our Classic French Green Salad several times a week – it’s fresh, delicious and the perfect pairing to almost any meal!


CDS Product: All of the Pacifica Dinnerware collection from Casafina! As spring begins, I love to bring out this beautiful, simple set. I also love the Oli jug and wine glasses from Ferm Living, which are great for entertaining and pair well with the Pacifica. When I want to create a beautiful table arrangement, I’ll also reach for the Il Buco Vita candlesticks (don’t forget their matching tapers) and arrange them with some gorgeous flowers!

Non-CDS Product: I just ordered the Ooni pizza oven and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to host pizza night for dinner parties and enjoy fabulous conversations while hanging out and making pizza together. I’m also very excited by my Jiaedge herb stripper–anyone who knows me knows I love kitchen gadgets, and with all the fresh herbs I grow in my garden, this will be a huge time save. Speaking of gadgets, I’ve also purchased a Dercaboxylator, for making butter, infusing oil, and generally elevating my cooking game.

TV Show: I am loving Feud’s first season, which explores the explosive, jealous relationship between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis during the 60s in Hollywood. It’s fab.

Book: I just picked up Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld and am looking forward to jumping in. It looks light, funny, and offbeat.

Recipe: Our braised short ribs with red wine and cognac recipe is out of this world. What a fun and cozy dinner to delight your guests with; not to mention, it’s absolutely delicious.


CDS Product: Like Anna, I’m recently obsessed with the Ferm Living Host Water Glasses. They come in a set of 2 and I adore their shape and quality. Beautiful glassware always sets the perfect tone for a stunning table.

Non-CDS Product: THIS is the kit you didn’t know you needed! It’s a lifesaver to have on hand. You never know when a beauty or fashion emergency might arise when you’re traveling or out–this little kit has come in handy for me many times.

TV Show: Like Andy, I’m totally hooked on Feud–I’m currently watching the Capote and the Swans season, which is inspired by a scandal in the 60s that occurred when Truman Capote betrayed his former best friends, known as the “swans,” New York City’s most buzzed-about socialites.

Book: I just started reading MANIFEST: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life by Roxie Nafousi. I’ve always been curious about manifestation and am very excited to find out what it entails!

Recipe: I love our pan con tomate. Simple and delicious!


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