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We write a lot about al fresco hosting during the warmer months, but, to us, there’s something just as special about entertaining in the autumn.

One of the best ways to ensure you have just as much fun in the fall? Upping your tablescape game. Interested in our top tips for taking your tablescape to the next level? Read on for our favorite picks–all available in our shop.

Step 1: Gather your greatest glassware

For the wine: Ferm Living Oli Wineglasses & Il Buco Vita Graduated Decanter
For the martinis: Sophie Lou Jacobson Piano Cocktail Glass
When you can’t decide whether to serve guests an ice-cold martini or a full-bodied red on a crisp fall night–give your guests both options, and don’t forget to decant! With glassware this good, it’ll be impossible to resist.

Step 2: Opt for a seasonal centerpiece

For the florals: The Floral Society ceramic blossom vase
The tonal transition to burnt oranges, earthy terracottas, and beyond is one of our favorite features of a fall tablescape. Keep things simple but stylish with this stunning rounded vase–if it’s September, pop in a few buds (we love dahlias, calla lilies, mums, and zinnias in the fall) and your table is all but set.

Step 3: Set the mood with lighting & scent

For the table: The Floral Society Fancy Ribbed Pillar Candles
For the scent: D.S. & Durga Salt Marsh Rose Candle
The sun may be setting a bit earlier as summer fades, but to us, that’s hardly a cause for concern—simply set the mood by filling your space (safely, of course) with moody candles. Pro tip: never light scented candles on your dinner table, as they’ll compete with the aromas of the food–but you’re perfectly fine to get a gorgeously scented waft going in your foyer, cocktail area, or wherever guests are mingling before dinner. Our personal favorite for a fall party is this Salt Marsh Rose scent, which effortlessly melds the salty scents of a New England summer with the crisp bite of its famous falls.

Step 4: Curate your cookware

For the oven and beyond: Revol Caractère in Cardamom
We adore the calming sage hue of Revol’s multi-functional caractère, which keeps food warm long after it’s out of the oven. Yes, that means it could double as a centerpiece on the table if you wanted it to (just don’t put it directly on the table, that’s what our Merge Trivet is for)—it’s certainly stylish enough to do the job.

Step 5: Swap out your linens

For the cocktails: Atelier Saucier Rainbow Sky Cocktail Napkins
For the table: Hawkins Essential Cotton Tablecloth
The chocolate brown stripe down Ferm Living’s linen coasters brings them a lovely fall vibe that blends perfectly with the olive shade of our Hawkins tablecloth, perfectly appointed for autumn–plus, darker hues are perfect for hiding all sorts of tiny stains, should your guests get overenthusiastic about the delicious menu (and, if you’re cooking from our recipes, we can promise you they will).

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