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Summer is (almost) here, and you know what that means: it’s time to plan some truly epic travel.

We asked our resident travel expert, Ahl Collective founder, Sophia Sloan for her favorite stylish (but under-the-radar) summer destinations, where you can still get reservations. Happy booking!

The city with something for everyone

One of Sloan’s favorite cities to visit in the summertime? Stockholm. This Scandinavian city is perfect for everyone, and the Ett Hem hotel is both chic enough for a girls trip and special enough for a couples getaway. The hotel is spread across three beautiful private homes in Stockholm and features a fantastic farm-to-table restaurant. The Instagrams alone had us ready to book a reservation (and the restaurant has its own dedicated page, too).

If you’re looking for a slightly livelier vibe, Miss Clara and Nobis are your best bets for Stockholm hotels.

If you’re traveling to Stockholm with a group, renting an Airbnb on one of the islands outside of Stockholm, like Vaxholm, is the perfect way to pass the endless summer nights.

The couples trip

As far as couples trips go, right now, Sloan is directing clients to Corsica, the mountainous French island that sits atop Sardinia.

Sloan’s hotel of choice is Casa del Mar, an oceanfront spot with stunning sea views. One of her favorite ways to pass the time on the island: packing a bottle of wine and some lunch and driving to various swimming spots around the island. Sloan also loves renting a boat and cruising around the south.

When you’re looking to go a bit farther afield

Why not try Sri Lanka? The beautiful, four-bedroom Casa Braganza will make you feel like you’re in a traditional villa. If you’re a hotel loyalist, there is, of course, also an Aman nearby.

For a Canadian adventure

We’d be remiss not to include a spot in our home country! But we promise we’re not playing favorites: Clayoquot Wilderness is a luxe, unique experience–like a Canadian safari–no matter where you’re coming from. It has all sorts of suites (each one boasting unparalleled views), an extensive spa, and pre-planned itineraries available that take all the guesswork out of your travel logistics.


We want to know: What are your favorite summer spots? Share with us on Instagram @casadesuna.

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