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Sometimes, you find someone in your life who simply deserves a splurge.

Sometimes, that someone is you (no judgment). So whether you’re after something fun and extra or simply in search of an escapist scroll, our “You Shouldn’t Have” gift guide has you covered.

Cristel Castel Pro 8-Piece Cookware Set

We all know someone that needs a kitchen upgrade; whether they’ve just moved into a new home or simply refuse to part with their ancient pans. Convince them it’s time with Cristel’s full cookware set. It’s beloved by chefs across the globe, and many of the pieces double as serveware.

Beata Heumann Alma Floor Light in Coral

If you’re really looking to light up someone’s life, get them a floor lamp from the biggest name in London’s interior design scene: Beata Heumann. Lucky for the design lovers in your life, she has a shop of select products that are available this side of the pond–and a pop of red has never hurt any room.

Il Buco Vita Winged Goddess Decanter

As any wine lover knows, once you’ve tasted a properly decanted bottle of red, you’ll never go back. Give the wine-forward friends and family in your life a taste of wine from this decanter, and they’ll feel the same. This gorgeous artisanal glass decanter evokes languorous dinners in the Italian countryside, no matter where you are. And that alone feels well worth it.

Loewe Shearling Slippers

These slippers are perfect for that person in your life that takes “quiet luxury” literally; they won’t make a sound as they shuffle through the home, and they’re the ideal cozy choice for quiet winter nights in, but also elevated enough to take out on the town.

Diptyque Advent Calendar

It’s not too late to shop for an advent calendar, and you’d be hard-pressed to do better than Diptyque’s, which features a different scent or self-care product for every day of the advent season.

Svenskt Tenn Cabinet 522

We know there are few among us likely to go for a piece this pricey (if you would: respect), but we couldn’t resist including it for the sheer fact of its fabulousness. It’s a stylish piece of bespoke furniture destined to spark joy (and useful in the amount of shelf space it offers). Good news for those who love the fabric, but not the cost of the cabinet–you can buy bolts of the fabric here and do your own DIY.


Want more CDS gift picks? We’ll be sharing them all month! Stay tuned.

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