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Here at Casa de Suna, it’s our favorite time of year.

And in the spirit of the gifting season, we sat down with our Founders to talk through their favorite gifts to give (and what they’re hoping to receive) during 2023’s holiday season. Read on and ready your shopping lists!

What’s one thing you’re treating yourself to from the shop this year?

Andy: The Mepra Toscana Saucepan is my must-have present from me to me this year.

Anna: I’ve been eyeing this Il Buco Vita Decanter for months and I think it’s finally time to pull the trigger! It’ll pair so perfectly with these gorgeous footed glasses.

Coco: I’m obsessed with the Il Buco Vita footed glasses (great minds think alike, Anna!). I would treat myself to a set of them. They bring that little something extra to the table.

What would you buy “for him” from the shop this year?

Andy: My husband loves a pick-me-up to start the day, and these espresso cups from Revol are the perfect size.

Anna & Coco: Games from Aurosi are a great gift for him; they make beautiful sets that are so much fun to play, especially for backgammon fans. It’s an ideal way to spend some time together.

Evermill Spice Rack

What would you buy for a friend from the shop this year?

Andy: My friends are all getting these gorgeous, vibrant spices from Evermill to add depth and flavor to all of their favorite recipes.

Anna: Easy! These piano cocktail glasses earn compliments every time I have a friend over and I will absolutely be gifting them this year!

Coco: You can never miss with a vase for flowers, and this Sophie Lou Jacobsen option is particularly beautiful!

floral society compote vase from casa de suna

What would you gift an in-law from the shop this year?

Andy: My mother-in-law adores flower arrangements, so this ceramic compote vase is perfect for her.

Anna: These trullo candles make the perfect gift for in-laws; they’re a safe bet, everyone loves them!

Coco: A decanter is beautiful, chic, and not something everyone already has! I love this one.

What would you give a sibling from the shop this year?

Andy: The quinn coupe glasses are perfect for my sister, who just loves to entertain.

Anna: Ceramic compote vase and floral clippers for my sister, waffle bathrobe and slippers for my brother!

Coco: A Carola trullo candle; they’re the perfect gift–they are small, amazing, and the vessels are refillable but also easy to reuse for storing everything from makeup brushes to keys and pencils!

What’s one item not from the shop you’re looking to give–or get–this year?

Andy: Everyone who knows me knows this already: I am so excited to find the perfect pizza oven. I’m on the lookout for the best one as we speak!

Anna: If anyone (ahem, my boyfriend) is looking to splurge I would totally go for this timeless sweater from The Row that I can’t stop thinking about or the LYMA laser starter kit that looks like it will serve me well for years to come.

Coco: Jewelry, always! I have a background in jewelry design and can never have enough.

Are you shopping any of Andy, Anna, and Coco’s holiday picks? Let us know on social media by tagging #casadesuna

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