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Whether you’re new here or a loyal reader, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that entertaining is our specialty.

We’ve spent a lifetime perfecting our tips and tricks and years curating the best possible picks in our shop. Whether you’re looking for a holiday hostess gift or to treat yourself, you’ll find perfect pieces ahead.

Atelier Saucier Santa Fe Rainbow Napkins

These rainbow bright napkins manage to strike the delicate balance between funky and functional. They’re versatile enough for everyday use and enough to add a little pep to a simple tablescape–or take a maximalist one to the next level.

The Floral Society Cylinder Vase

A hostess gift you can never go wrong with? Fresh flowers. Except during those awkward moments where you hand over the bouquet to find that your giftee doesn’t have an available vase. But if you show up with a floral arrangement and an impossibly chic vase like this one? You’re automatically winning best gift and best guest.

Large Splatterware Basin

This luxe, large splatterware basin is the type of item you didn’t know you needed–but won’t stop reaching for once you have it. It’s more than just a gorgeous, large bowl, perfect for serving dinner party dishes (but it is that, of course)–it’s handmade by third-generation artisans in Italy, so it’s a collectible heritage piece, too.

Ferm Living Oli Dessert Cup

Lots of people gift dinner party enthusiasts’ ceramics and glassware, but there’s one thing that tends to get lost in the shuffle: dessert accoutrements, which make for an unexpected but welcome option. Ferm Living’s cups are made with a distinct glassblowing tactic that leaves bubbles of air in the glass–a perfectly imperfect piece for anyone in your life with a sweet tooth.

Sophie Lou Jacobsen Piano Cocktail Glasses

It doesn’t get better than these adorable martini glasses, which are pre-portioned to make for the perfect sized drinks (martinis should always be 3-4 oz!) and fashioned with colorful stems so you can always keep track of which drink is yours–even after a few.

Want more CDS gift picks? We’ll be sharing them all season! Stay tuned.

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