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The Laundry List: Stain-Removing Tricks You Need to Know

The Laundry List: Stain-Removing Tricks You Need to Know

A glob of tomato sauce. A drip of coffee. A smear of toothpaste. We’ve all been there.

And, few things that can ruin a day (and a wardrobe) quicker than tough stains. Over the years, as messy cooks and as mothers, we’ve figured out a few secrets to fighting stains.

Red Wine Stains

Step number one: breathe. It is possible to get the red wine out of the carpet, couch, clothing, etc. You just have to flush the stain with club soda and then blot out the liquid. Smother the stain with salt to remove most of the wine. If it’s a piece of clothing, finish by laundering it as usual.

Tomato Stains

Not much beats the stain-fighting power of vinegar. (And a little elbow grease.) For tomato stains, saturate the stain with vinegar and allow it to soak in. Then, wash the garment as usual. Remember: always check to make sure the stain is out before putting the item in the dyer.

Oil Stains

Cooking can get the best of us. Whether you’re sauteing veggies or making your own salad dressing, oil always seems to splatter. If you can catch the stain while it’s fresh, you have the best chance of removing it. Start by blotting the spots with a paper towel to get as much of the oil out as possible. Then, grab a piece of white chalk and apply it from the center of the stain outward. Cover the entire stain and then launder the piece of clothing as usual.

Coffee Stains

Get rid of coffee stains by quickly boiling water. Stretch the fabric over a bowl and carefully pour the water through the stain from about a foot above. Add a pre-wash treatment and launder the piece of clothing as usual.


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