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Whether you have someone in your life who simply can’t stop talking about sous-vide or a well-meaning friend that keeps insisting they’ll learn to cook soon, we’ve got something for everyone in our 2023 gift guide–budding chefs, old pros, and beyond.

Cristel Nonstick Crepe Pan

Looking to drop a not-so-subtle hint about what you want for breakfast this Christmas? Our Cristel non-stick crepe pan has you covered whenever you want to bring the boulangerie home.

Blood, Bones, & Butter

For those that don’t consider cooking their cup of tea, but love books about food all the same, get Blood, Bones, and Butter, the 2012 memoir by Gabrielle Hamilton, former proprietor of the ultra-trendy, but shuttered-since-2020 Prune restaurant in New York’s East Village. And if you’re not convinced, maybe the 35,000+ Goodreads ratings will help.

Hawkins New York Simple Measuring Spoons

No matter how often–or how rarely–you cook, you can always use measuring spoons. Whether you’re making a soufflé or simply measuring out food to add to your coffee–elevating simple essentials is one of the easiest ways to inject a little bit of joy into the day–so why not start here?

Jean Dubost Set of Six Steak Knives

When it comes to rounding out your silverware collection, steak knives are an oft-overlooked essential, imbued with the simple power to transform your steak dinner. We love the ivory-handled option from Jean Dubost, the finest manufacturers in the business.

Evermill Counter-Top Rack

When was the last time you swapped out your spices? We thought so. Gift this comprehensive and thoughtfully sourced spice kit to anyone you know that loves cooking (or even someone who doesn’t) and watch it transform their every meal. Just don’t blame us when all of your other friends start asking for it, too.

Casafina Pacifica Square Baker

In conversations about cooking, it somehow seems that bakers get lost in the shuffle. Not at Casa De Suna! We know that dessert is part of every good meal, and we think you’ll agree, once you start working your way through our dessert recipe archive–and it all starts with the right bakeware. Casafina’s option is perfect and pretty enough to sit on a countertop (or even function as storage when not in the oven) should your giftee have limited space.

Want more CDS gift picks? We’ll be sharing them all month! Stay tuned.

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